This is a session at Innov8rs Austin, 4-5 December 2019

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Creating the Middleware Between Startups and Corporates

In 2015 six of Grand Rapids largest enterprises partnered together to create an IOT accelerator. After two classes of Startups went through the Seamless team and the enterprise partners took a step back and took a hard look at the value they were providing startups, the enterprises, and the Grand Rapids community. The result of this strategy and soul searching birthed a new Seamless dedicated to “The And”, the idea that the Seamless consortium could act as a middleware between Startups and Enterprises to remove the traditional bureaucratic barries that slow down global deal flow.

Phillip Swanson

Advance Development and Innovation Lead at Whirlpool Corporation

A journalist and communicator by trade Phill focused his creative energy at Whirlpool into a role of intrapreneurship. From launching homebrewing appliances on IndieGoGo, to helping develop digital platforms, Phill relies on a deep knowledge of Service Design, systems thinking, and lean startup principles to help drive a culture of innovation at Whirlpool. You’re just as likely to find him behind a camera, as your are knee-deep in a journey-map, prototyping during a sprint, or developing strategies around platform economics.