This is a session at Innov8rs Austin, 4-5 December 2019

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Cultivate An Innovation Environment: How to Migrate to De-Centralized Innovation Network

Are you looking to create an atmosphere in your company which promotes building team environments to develop solutions, sharing ideas to fill your innovation funnel and identify unmet business needs? David will share his experiences using methods which allow you to lead change from the middle of your organization to encourage and build a strong cross-functional innovation culture.

Pyramid Structure Innovation
Many innovators face immediate challenges which require help from others to solve. Finding your advocates and empowering them to create their own innovation networks is key for success in gaining early adoption of ideas. Discover ways to use specific tools to include others to fill your organization’s innovation funnel.

Tear down the walls
Forget about the numbers, too much data drives people away and can leave you alone and overwhelmed. Everyone understands the importance of purchasing a product you love. Use this insight to attract creative thinkers to grow ideas and build support. In this segment, learn why it is important to focus on needs driven innovation to energize a project team using end user voices and visualization tools.

Use the devil’s momentum against him
Individuals and functions exist in every company which resist change. Learn methods to engage change resistant functions to improve the adoption of your innovation portfolio by learning how to use requirement generation and risk management to provide clarity, define unknowns and calm those who fear innovation.

Dave McNamara

Senior Technical Leader at Kimberly-Clark

David McNamara is a design leader with over 20 years of experience in start-up, consulting and corporate environments. His involvement in the product design field includes advanced research, technology development and sustaining engineering roles and he has launched products in both the consumer and medical device markets for high profile brands including Rubbermaid, Kimberly-Clark and Arm & Hammer.

He holds a Bachelor of Science in Industrial Design from The Ohio State University and a Certificate in Project Management from Stanford University. Dave has also studied Design for Six Sigma, Organizational Behavior and Inclusive Management.