This is a session at Innov8rs Austin, 4-5 December 2019

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Metrics for Measuring Innovation Health

Is our innovation strategy working? How can we compare our efforts to our competitors? How do we measure progress on our 10-year innovation strategy today?

Although we know we need it, it’s hard to measure innovation and even harder to prove that we’re making progress. When the next downturn comes, we may find our innovation funding cut off unless we can justify our budgets. Return on Investment (ROI) is useless, but are there any proven alternatives?

In this hands-on workshop, each person will define metrics and a dashboard for measuring their innovation ecosystems.

Nick Noreña

Innovation Coach and Advisor at Kromatic

Nick Noreña is an innovation coach based out of San Francisco who has spent the last 6.5 years working in the startup and corporate innovation space. He has worked with over 100 businesses as a coach, educator, and entrepreneur.

Nick specializes in helping early-stage startup or corporate teams validate their business ideas. He has worked with companies such as Jaguar Land Rover, IDEO, Walmart, Center for Creative Leadership, Unilever, and the Asian Development Bank. His favorite project in recent memory was co-designing and running a 10-week training program for aspiring startup coaches and accelerator managers in Vietnam in cooperation with the Innovation Partnership Program. With his remaining hours, Nick volunteers his time in the startup community helping early-stage founders validate their business ideas.