This is a session at Innov8rs Austin, 4-5 December 2019

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“Social” Intrapreneurship - Why Purpose is Crucial for Resilience and Success

Intrapreneurship programs have a limited success rate. Most entrepreneurial ventures fail as well, so this is not surprising. But Intrapreneurs face additional resistance that startups don’t face. To overcome internal strategic and cultural barriers to innovation, a strong intrinsic motivation is crucial for the intrapreneur’s success. This is best accomplished with an inspiring purpose and a connection to something beyond commercial success. Especially in a time when we are facing massive changes in our environment and global dynamics, “social” intrapreneurship will be the new business as usual.

Luman will lead a 90-minute workshop to create a connection to personal purpose and show a replicable framework for generating future-focused solutions. Together we will address the challenge of maintaining adaptability and developing the support systems required to lead intrapreneurship in your organization.

Tirza Hollenhorst

Co-founder and Managing Director at Luman

Philip Horváth

Co-founder at Luman

Tirza Hollenhorst
Tirza is a co-founder and managing director of LUMAN. She is an innovation leader, culture catalyst, intrapreneurship trainer and speaker. Tirza creates a container of safety where individuals, teams, and organizations transform while producing breakthrough work. Her recent clients include Plug & Play Accelerator, Siemens, Facebook, and Blue Planet Energy.

Earlier in her career, Tirza founded Red Puentes, a network of organizations focused on corporate social responsibility in Latin America and Innovation for People, a B-corp technology company providing communication and business operation platforms to non-profits and social enterprises.

Philip Horváth
Philip has always explored the edges of culture. Working with artists, entrepreneurs, activists and corporate changemakers, he inspires through transformational storytelling and guides processes toward creating new cultural operating systems. He provides visionary leaders with frameworks that allow them to test their initiatives for coherence and completeness, and he works with them to create operating metaphors and narratives to inspire and enroll their teams.

As a co-founder of LUMAN, he serves as a strategist for organic organizational transformation, and as a culture catalyst and intrapreneurship trainer focusing on connecting employees to their purpose and providing the psychological safety to create transformational results.