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Digital Amoeba - Democratizing Decision Making Of Corporate Innovation

Dealing with digital disruption may probably the toughest corporate transformation faced by Telkom Indonesia so far. As opposed to limited implementation variety of the legacy ICT, digital technologies and digital businesses demand high level of variety in implementation, including business models and operating models. In 2016, we have realised that the legacy system, which we rely on R&D divisions and alike to keep-up with technology & market trends, will not be able to cope with many small scale and intense changes in the digital world. We’re now on the mindset of engaging the whole business units within Telkom Group in embracing digital innovations. Learning from the past, ineffective dedicated team and complicated decision making have been the hurdles of our innovations. Digital Amoeba Program is then designed and launch in January 2017 as the environment of cross-functional teams to take business decisions in growing digital innovations from within the Group.

Fauzan Feisal

CEO Digital Amoeba Program at Telekomunikasi Indonesia

Fauzan is a former strategic manager in corporate & portfolio planning turning focus into digital innovation manager of Telkom Indonesia. With agricultural science background, and international business master’s degree, he has a broader perspective of ecosystem management, which he believes is critical in the digital economy development. He’s one of digital transformation experts in the company, mastering the conceptual transformation and related change management. He’s assigned to lead Digital Amoeba Program, a corporate start-up program for Telkom’s employees, since January 2017. He designed the program from scratch with fellow founders, to become a rich ecosystem engagement and a fast learning experience for both, program participants and program managers.