This is a session at Innov8rs Bangkok, 23 – 24 January  2019

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Experimenting In The Insurance Industry

The business ideas from inside-out are neither innovation nor solutions. Do what they have been doing for long times is not going to be a success factor of the business that you hope for.  Customers will only seek for what matters that fulfill the needs or solve their pain points.

Experimenting in the Insurance industry is one of those methodologies to find end-consumer insights. Many insurers have limited interaction with a significant new segment to find business opportunities for scale up. It is an exciting time for insurance industry in emerging the experiment to the strategic business use cases.  In the talk, Nikki will share how experimenting helps shaping the business cases.

Nikki Chavengsub

Vice President of Direct Business at Generali Thailand

Nikki Chavengsub is currently a Vice President of Direct Business for Generali Thailand; the fast growing insurance firm from Italy. Nikki has been utilizing her user experience, digital marketing and creative background for several of business strategy in industry from different sectors to overcome challenges.

Providing solutions which are best-fit to the business in the fast moving pace and competitive industry are what she believes in. Experimenting is one of the methodologies to find the insights of business in solving problems. She focuses on mindsets and fundamental values first, following by technologies; unraveling similar mindset and interest individual along the journey.