This is a session at Innov8rs Bangkok, 23 – 24 January  2019

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Finding and Climbing the New S-Curve

You don’t want to become a “has-been” big Corporation. Companies need to create a strategy “From the Edge” or “Center of the Edge” as we need to look for the next winning business idea or New S-Curves while our existing business is still making money.  Come to listen to this talk and you will find how Bangchak initiative and innovation center is set to find and climb new S-Curves in Green Energy and Bio-based business for the future.

Suwat Meemook

Executive Vice President at Bangchak Initiative and Innovation Center

Suwat Meemook has over 30 years of well-rounded experiences including successful career highlights at Microsoft HQ in Redmond, USA.  IT executive leadership at G-Able, EVP Digital Business Development at King Power Group (Thailand’s leading travel & retail business) and currently as Executive Vice President at Bangchak initiative and innovation center.