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Lead with the Silicon Valley Mindset

As an executive, one of your main objectives is to drive growth. Most leaders today are finding that to be a major challenge because our world is changing so fast.

And yet, many companies in Silicon Valley are flourishing despite the pressure. The key to their success is a novel approach to business that we call the Silicon Valley Mindset.

This mindset is rooted in one word: impact. By leveraging new technologies, talent, strong ecosystems, agile leadership, and ingenious approaches to business, Silicon Valley impacts entire industries in ways that shape the world. For a company to thrive – or even survive – in the next decade, its leaders will need to understand the Silicon Valley mindset and be able to put it to work.

This is an exclusive 3-hour session for corporate executives, inspiring and teaching practical examples on what a leadership team should do in the context of corporate innovation and the impact of digitalization and new technologies.

This is what we will cover:

# Making your company better at innovation

An introduction to the elements of innovation and a suggestion for what a roadmap for better innovation in your company could look like.

# Know the technology roadmap (work and career)

You need to know about the technologies that will impact your current work as well as your career. We set the course for you to catch up and develop some simple ways for you to stay on top in the coming years.

# Know yourself and your network

An exercise to better understand your network and how you work and learn through it. We identify ways to improve this and we take the first steps for building a networking strategy for yourself and your team.

# Barriers, obstacles, drivers – and root causes

What are the barriers and obstacles for innovation? What are the drivers? More important, we identity root causes for barriers and obstacles and discuss what can be done about this.

# Establish your core team

How do you establish the core team that will get stuff done for you? This is not a talk, talk committee, but a team the removes obstacles and deliver real impact. An exercise fuels new ideas and approaches on how to further develop the team and prepare it for your journey ahead.

# Start reverse mentoring

We identify mentors for you who can help you develop an even better mindset and toolbox for a world that is already digital.

Session details

When: 24 January 2019, 13:30 – 16:30

Where: SEAC, 2525 Building 2 FYI Center, Room No. 2/301-2/310, 3rd floor, Rama 4 Road, Klongtoey, Klongtoey, Bangkok 10110, Thailand.

For whom: The session is only for corporate executives. If you want to join, apply via the form below. If you can’t join, but know of a relevant colleague or friend, let us know.

How to join? Apply via the form below. Only 10 seats. The session is free of charge if your company buys a Team Package (3 tickets or more) for the main conference.

Stefan Lindegaard

Founder at Silicon Valley Fast Track

Stefan Lindegaard, a thought leader, advisor and entrepreneur

As a global thought leader on corporate innovation management, Lindegaard travels around the world to interact with corporate innovation teams and executives who want to take their innovation capabilities and efforts to the next level.

This is more than just work for him. It is a passion as he truly cares about these great people who like himself believe that big companies can make the world a better place for all of us through their innovation efforts.

Besides being a frequent writer on LinkedIn, Lindegaard is an an acclaimed author, keynote speaker, advisor and entrepreneur. His specialities are corporate innovation management, digital capabilities for innovation, communication, leadership and organizational development.