This is a session at Innov8rs Bangkok, 23 – 24 January  2019

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Hacking Innovation

Hacking. No, we aren’t hacking into IT systems. We are talking about being highly productive in a pressurized time frame. What does its mean to create a ‘hacker culture’ in a global organization? How can you create a culture of innovation? How can we create impactful innovation programs that lead to something beyond?

These questions will be answered as Angela will go through her personal journey and demonstrate examples of how Schneider Electric in the Pacific Zone has activated and embedded innovation in the organization to make meaningful impact.

Angela Bee Chan

Innovation Lead at Schneider Electric Pacific Zone

Angela Bee Chan is the Innovation Lead at Schneider Electric in the Pacific Zone where she is responsible for fostering a culture of innovation.

She started her career in public relations working in with food and lifestyle brands such as Redbull and Hamilton Island before getting immersed into hackathons where she discovered her love of solving problems using emerging technology. She then worked with companies including Intel, EMC, ASUS and Tableau before transitioning into marketing working for a small IT reseller, and then APC by Schneider Electric.

Alongside her career, she has participated in nearly 50 Hackathons, supported over 300 in Australia and views her extensive experience during that 3-4 year duration has her ‘second university degree’. She is also the Founder and CEO of Hackathons Australia and some call her ‘Australia’s Innovation Hacker’.