This is a session at Innov8rs Bangkok, 23 – 24 January  2019

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How to Effectively Partner with Startups to Drive Corporate Innovation

Large organizations, typically, are built to deliver on an existing, repeatable business model, rather than to discover a new one. Sure, cultural change can happen, but it’s an ultramarathon rather than a sprint.

Innovation happens at intersections, and many are turning to corporate startup accelerator programs in order to marry their domain expertise, assets and networks with the talent, tech, enthusiasm and speed of startups, which helps expedite the exploration of and investment in disruptive innovation.

However, doing so is fraught with numerous pitfalls and such programs usually end up being discontinued or amount to nothing more than theatre.

Finding, recruiting, and meaningfully working with startups is both an art and a science, and requires a diligent approach if such a partnership is going to deliver mutual benefit.

Steve Glaveski’s Collective Campus has incubated almost 100 startups that have collectively raised more than US$25M and he has worked on the innovation strategies of over 50 large organizations, overseeing award-winning accelerator programs for Charter Hall and Mills Oakley, among others. Learn what it really takes to avoid common pitfalls, avoid startup theatre and successfully work with startups.

Steve Glaveski

CEO and Co-Founder at Collective Campus

Steve Glaveski is an entrepreneur, keynote speaker, author and podcast host whose mission is to unlock the latest potential of organisations so that they can create more impact for humanity and empower their people to lead more fulfilling work lives.

Steve wrote the Innovation Manager’s Handbook which was an Amazon bestseller, hosts two podcasts, Corporate Innovation School and Future², the latter winning the inaugural Australian Podcasting Awards People’s Choice award in the Business category, and is a keynote speaker on the topic of corporate innovation, having graced the stage at conferences such as Pause Fest, CPA Congress and IBM Symposium.

He previously founded HOTDESK, an office sharing platform and has worked for the likes of Westpac, Dun & Bradstreet, the Victorian Auditor General’s Office, Ernst & Young, KPMG and Macquarie Bank.

When not working on the innovation strategies of both his clients and of his team, Steve can usually be found riding his motorcycle, in the gym, at the beach or listening to the latest record from Iron Maiden!