This is a session at Innov8rs Barcelona, 21-22 April 2020

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12 Rules for Business Innovation

In this talk, Hamilton Mann will share the 12 lessons he learned leading innovation at Thales over the last six years.

Number 1: Many people assume that generating new ideas is the beginning. It’s not.
Number 2: It's not the idea that makes the idea, it's the team.
Number 3: Business Innovation starts with a Roadmap with no Plan.
Number 4: There is only one place to be: the Uncomfortable Zone.
Number 5: Fail Fast only makes sense to Learn Fast.
Number 6: Don’t seek the path for Perfection, but the Speed.
Number 7: Doing a lot more, doesn’t mean you’re getting a lot more done.
Number 8: No innovation without progress  no progress without transgression.
Number 9: Better is not good enough – Different is better than better.
Number 10: Great experience leads to great products  not the other way around.
Number 11: Adoption means Network Benefits + Stand-alone Benefits – Price ≥ 0.
Number 12: Pitch the value, not the features

Hamilton Mann

Group Director, Global Digital Marketing and Digital Transformation at Thales

Hamilton Mann is the Group Director of Global Digital Marketing and Digital Transformation of Thales. In support of Thales’ Digital Transformation, he leads the implementation of Group transverse Digital initiatives and supports the execution of Global Business Units digital transformation roadmaps to drive Business Innovation and Growth by making experimentation the norm. He also leads Digital Transformation in Marketing to drive enhanced customer engagement and understanding while building a modern Thales’s Marketing Network.

His desire as Thales's Director of Digital Transformation in Marketing and Group's Digital Transformation is to involve the company’s 80,000 employees to accelerate Thales ability of exploring new horizons for tomorrow’s growth and competitiveness by leveraging the collective genius across the Group to make possible tomorrow what seems impossible to others today.