This is a session at Innov8rs Barcelona, 21-22 April 2020

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AI in Foresight and Innovation: How to Spot Future Opportunities

Almost everyone is talking about artificial intelligence and machine learning these days, but few are already using these game-changing technologies and even fewer are using them for foresight and innovation.

In his talk "AI in Foresight and Innovation: How to Spot Future Opportunities", Chris will show simple and easy ways how artificial intelligence and machine learning are already being used in practice today to detect early signals of change, to identify trends ahead of the competition, and to identify new opportunities and ideas for innovation.

Christian Mühlroth

CCO at Itonics

Chris is an innovation and machine learning enthusiast, speaker and the CCO of ITONICS, a vibrant and fast-growing software and solutions company in the field of growth strategy and innovation management.

Since joining ITONICS in 2011, he has led a team of innovation experts and international projects across multiple industries helping companies to enable, shape, and grow their corporate foresight and innovation management activities.

Chris has more than 8 years of comprehensive experience in managing the fuzzy front-end of innovation. His profound expertise includes automated environmental scanning with big data analysis, corporate foresight, trend and technology management, startup scouting, as well as the identification and prioritization of profitable growth and investment strategies.