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Cisco’s Journey Towards a Sustainable Innovation Ecosystem

In the corporate world, life comes at you fast. Learn this, do that, redo this, scratch that, we’re changing our strategy! So how do you create and nurture the right skills, mindsets and culture to continuously drive innovation for today’s and tomorrow’s markets?

Discover how Cisco built on its award-winning innovation competition to create a sustainable innovation ecosystem. Learn from Cisco’s experiences in the past five years to speed-up your own progress.

Mathilde Durvy

Employee Innovation Lead at Cisco

Dr. Mathilde Durvy is Employee Innovation Lead at Cisco. She is leading My Innovation a global initiative to empower all Cisco employees to innovate. My Innovation provides vehicles for innovative ideas to emerge, be heard, and ultimately become a reality. It aims to create a culture were collaboration, learnings, and making a meaningful difference is rewarded. About 38’000 Cisco employees have participated in My Innovation to date. My Innovation received multiple industry awards including the “Innovation Leader Impact Award” and the “Business Transformation & Operational Excellence Award”. It was also featured in “Fortune 100 Best Companies to Work For®” ranking.

Mathilde joined Cisco in 2008. She first led the Internet of Things activities for Cisco’s Corporate Development Technology Group. Mathilde’s focus then switched to creating and developing Cisco’s patent intelligence offering, enabling Cisco to extract strategic insights from the vast amount of patent data. More recently, Mathilde’s has been leading different innovation initiatives, ranging from open-innovation projects in Cisco’s innovation centers, to Cisco’s Innovation Grand Challenge, to My Innovation.