This is a session at Innov8rs Barcelona, 21-22 April 2020

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Innovation Ecosystem Metrics

Is our innovation strategy working? How can we compare our efforts to our competitors? How do we measure progress on our 10-year innovation strategy today?

Although we know we need it, it’s hard to measure innovation and even harder to prove that we’re making progress. When the next downturn comes, we may find our innovation funding cut off unless we can justify our budgets. Return on Investment (ROI) is useless, but are there any proven alternatives?

In this hands-on workshop, each person will define metrics and a dashboard for measuring their innovation ecosystems.

Manuel Guerrera

Corporate Innovation & Lean Startup Coach at Kromatic

Manuel Guerrera designs innovation transformations and ecosystems for large and complex organizations.

He facilitates Strategy Innovation workshops with corporate leadership teams and teaches lean startup & design thinking to teams of corporate entrepreneurs.

His work spans from Fortune 500 companies to small startups in multiple industries and regions of the world. He uses the mindset and principles of Lean Startup, Design Thinking and Business Model Innovation to help leaders and project teams to change, transform or improve the way they do business.

Manuel meets and works with his clients where they are, e.g. Unilever in the UK and China, Pernod Ricard in France; NewsCorp, Vogue and Commonwealth Bank in Australia; Philip Morris International in Switzerland; Danieli, Sorgenia and Polytechnic University of Milan in Italy.

Manuel is a global partner of Kromatic, an Innovation transformation company headquartered in Silicon Valley.