This is a session at Innov8rs Barcelona, 21-22 April 2020

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Intrapreneurship and Innovation Accounting: An Approach for a Large Organization

Innovation cannot be measured with the same metrics core business is; this can kill innovation prematurely. But this does not mean that it cannot or should not be measured. Nowadays more and more big and established companies are adopting intrapreneurship as their approach to innovation. When there is an intrapreneurship program in your company, it is key to measure progress not only of the innovation ventures but also how well your programme is doing, what is working and what is not.

And of course not to forget one of the biggest challenges large organisations face: the pressure to show the impact innovation has in the business, and the impact the current portfolio of innovation projects can also bring in the future. What’s more important, innovation accounting is a key tool for decision making.

During the last seven years Telefónica has had its Lean Elephants intrapreneurship program un and running, with their teams working like internal startups.

In this talk Susana will describe how they do innovation accounting in their intrapreneurship program and how it supports decision making, as well as how did they get to this point and the lessons learnt in the process.

Susana Jurado

Head of Innovation Portfolio Core Innovation at Telefónica

Susana Jurado is Head of Innovation Portfolio at Core Innovation, Telefónica. In the last eight years she has focused on innovation and strategy. She has been also a member of the team that defined the current innovation model at Telefónica Core Innovation. In her current role she runs the innovation model, with its stage gate process (the key tool for managing the innovation projects funnel); she also runs the Innovation Calls, where employees submit their ideas (these calls are thus the main source of projects for the innovation funnel). She is also in charge of the innovation model evolution, making sure it adapts to the constantly changing strategy of the company. Portfolio analysis is also one of her responsibilities, that is key for the management of the portfolio of innovation ventures. She also fosters conceptualization of new ideas, and mentors and assesses innovation ventures.

She has co-authored the Lean Elephants, a white paper that describes the experience and learnings of applying Lean Startup to innovation projects at Telefónica since 2012, and Intrapreneurship: 10 lessons from the trenches, another white paper that illustrates the main lessons learnt through the seven years they have had up and running their intrapreneurship program. Susana holds a MS in Telecommunication Engineering and an Executive MBA from IE Business School.