This is a session at Innov8rs Barcelona, 21-22 April 2020

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Open Innovation: Reframing the Renewable Energy Landscape

Entering new business realms is always challenging for companies. However, the power of shared goals and open innovation can help to bring the certainties needed for the companies to step in.

In this session Daniel Santa Cruz will share his insights about how can companies leverage open innovation spaces to thrive in new businesses and stay close to the market needs. He will explain the case study of IBERDROLA being part of the Offshore Wind Accelerator initiative, describe the challenges and success stories of an industry-unique open innovation platform and share the key learnings along the journey.

Daniel Santa Cruz

Head of Open Innovation for Offshore Wind Business at Iberdrola

Daniel Santa Cruz joined IBERDROLA in 2008 as a wind farms project manager in Madrid, Spain. He later became part of the open innovation department for the offshore wind business of IBERDROLA, which he has led for more than six years now.

Being a physicist by background, engineer by mentality and innovator by heart, he leads the implementation of the business’ Innovation Strategy and supports the execution of a wide range of technology-related innovation projects within the business. He truly believes in innovation as an engine for growth and hence is in charge of fostering a culture of innovation within his organization.

Daniel holds a bachelor’s degree in Physics and has gained certificates of completion for the UNIR’s Innovation management and direction program and MIT’s digital transformation program.