This is a session at Innov8rs Barcelona, 21-22 April 2020

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Running a Corporate Innovation Lab – Our Learnings After 3 Years and Outlook for the Future

The WHY, HOW & WHAT was not written in concrete for us at the beginning. We had a vision and we were ready to ideate, validate and pivot. Meanwhile we have found a pretty well lubricated working model and generate outcome.

We are ready to share down to earth the challenges, hidden traps and key success factors it takes to demystify innovation and turn it rather into a craft.

Is an innovation lab the end of the story? No! There are more endeavors ahead of us to continuously increase the impact throughout a globally active 60.000 people company.

Sören Jens Lauinger

Vice President Intrapreneurship & Co-Creation at Aesculap, a division of B. Braun

Sören’s responsibility in the global medical-technology organization Aesculap is to build solutions “beyond the product”. Innovation for Services, Solutions, Business Models and not least the consultative sales approach complete the activities. These are mostly digital or digitally enhanced.

Recently Sören and his team have launched the Innovation Center "werk_39". Sören got his MBA degree in Medical Devices and Healthcare Management. Sören works out of Tuttlingen, Germany.