This is a session at Innov8rs Barcelona, 21-22 April 2020

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The Leadership & Culture Challenge

It’s time we rethink our approach to change and take into consideration that our organizations are more than system and processes but complex organisms of individuals with different backgrounds, skills, experiences, needs, and habits.

The chances of changing that complex system and creating anything new are much higher if we can 'break the seal' of our current understanding and start to create from a place of emerging future.

In her keynote, Sonja will challenge us to answer: Can we build a culture of innovation if we are not ready to let go of 'the things we know to be true'? How do we start to co-create a culture based on common goals, shared purpose, and well-being for all? What role do leaders need to play in creating the space in which creativity and innovation can flourish?

Sonja Kresojevic

Co-founder at Seedtime Collective

Sonja Kresojevic is an innovation strategist, change agent, author, and keynote speaker. She is a founder of Seedtime Collective, a global community of thought leaders, practitioners, entrepreneurs, artists and healers aligned behind a common vision for a kinder, sustainable world, and well-being for all. Sonja strongly believes in inner transformative leadership work, and learning and helping each other become the best versions of ourselves.

She is passionate about empowering women, advising and mentoring executives as they transition in their careers, and innovation and transformation leaders fighting the status quo in their organizations.