Be More Pirate: Professional Rule Breaking

Sam Conniff Allende (Be More Pirate)

Pirate inspired ‘professional rule-breaking is the next essential 21st Century skill. Permission-based change is no longer relevant in the workplace if you want to make a dent and make progress, it’s time to step outside the rules.

When innovation, disruption and transformation, have become empty and overused words, what’s next? Because the need for an accelerated pace of change is greater than ever? Enter unexpected lessons from the 18th Centuries greatest innovators, the Golden Age of Pirates, who were truly the millennials of their age, and whose lessons hold value for anyone wanting to do more than business as usual.

Sam Conniff Allende is Author of the international Bestselling ‘Life Bible’ Be More Pirate that’s being used as a successful shorthand for innovation within organisations as far and wide as Mercedes, Lego, Heineken and Google.

As shared at Innov8rs Paris, April 2019