Greenhouse Thinking: How to Cultivate Innovation From Within

To succeed, modern businesses need to learn how to grow from within, without getting lost in the weeds. Creative thinking and innovation is the foundation of any organization. It is what drives new product development, creating brands, creating compelling story telling, creating new lines of business.

While we know and understand that innovation is the currency to value creation, many organizations get stuck, they become complacent, and at times they become irrelevant. Greenhouse thinking is a mindset shift; a shift to how we approach our thinking within environments challenging current structural norms.

Chitra Anand, author of The Greenhouse Approach, Phd Candidate and former Microsoft as the discusses 3 big bold ideas on what needs to happen within environments in order to set the foundation of true breakthrough innovation, then talk about the lessons we can learn and apply from the world’s top historians and leaders.

Chitra Anand (The Greenhouse Effect)

As shared at Innov8rs Miami, February 2019