Co-work your challenge.

Get expert guidance and peer support to explore solutions and implement improvements.

In your day to day, trying to reach your goals, many questions and challenges pop up.

What to focus on, how to do this (better) (faster), and how are others approaching this issue?

Participate in our Action Accelerator to learn from innovation leaders and experts joining as mentors to guide you and your co-working cohort to tackle that issue.

You'll also get access to relevant content and resources to deepen your understanding of the topic, for better results.

Because one insight, one a-ha moment can make all the difference.

Kickoff Session

In the kickoff session, you'll connect with your cohort, each of you sharing the specifics of your challenge. You'll leave the session with some initial feedback already.

6 x Working Sessions

You'll learn from experts working across companies, as well as innovation leaders from different sectors how to address the issue at hand. Every session also providers ample opportunity to discuss your specific situation with peers.

Implementation Session

In the final session, you'll capture takeaways and set action items for implementation. You'll be matched with accountability partners to support if needed.


Upcoming cohorts

You'll join a small curated group of peers to co-work one challenge during 6 weeks.

The next cohorts are starting on 26 September 2023 and 25 October 2023.

Each cohort addresses one of the topics below. For both cohorts, you can pick one topic to co-work with your group. 

The groups starting starting on 26 September 2023 will address the topics below.

How to use AI for innovation management?

How to measure the value and impact of our innovation efforts?

How to better align our innovation strategy with business objectives?

How to build a strong portfolio across all three horizons?

The groups starting starting on 25 October 2023 will address the topics below.

How to use AI for innovation management?

How to achieve innovation goals with limited budget and resources?

How to survive the “valley of death” and scale/integrate pilots in the core?

How to kill a venture or project without harming our reputation?

You're in great company.

You'll be co-working with other innovators in roles like
• Chief Innovation Officer / VP of Innovation
• Head of Innovation, Innovation Program Director, Innovation Lab/Centre Director, Innovation Team Lead
• Venture Lead, Individual Intrapreneur, Innovation Team Member
• Leader/professional in general business role or other functions like Strategy, IT/Transformation, R&D/Product, Marketing, HR/Change

from brands like

Trusted by brands. Loved by peers.

"We had over 10 consultants sharing their advise, but none of that was helpful. That's why I participated in the Action Accelerator. In just one session we got exactly the input and feedback we needed to move forward with our project."

"Thank you! The feedback I got made me realize we were on the wrong course. This 1 hour discussion saved me months of wasted time (and a few hundred thousands in budget too!)"

"I'm amazed with the profile of the other people here. Everyone has relevant experience and is open to sharing and helping. I've been part of other groups but none match yours in terms of connections and networking. Truly remarkable"

"Innov8rs is the only place were corporate innovators and intrapreneurs get vulnerable and real about the challenges facing disruptors today and work together on creating breakthrough opportunities."

"I'm amazed by the format, how open, honest and authentic it was. I am blown away with learnings, reflections and new insights. Such an amazing crowd with a true sharing mentality."

"Wow, the content is so rich. This is like an MBA in innovation management!"

Co-work your challenge.

The Action Accelerator is available for current corporate innovation professionals only.

For members of Innov8rs Community, participation in all Action Accelerators is included in your membership.

If you are not a member, you are still eligible to join.

As a first step, apply via the button below.

If your application is accepted, you'll get further instructions to secure your seat.

What's included

Participation includes:

✔️ Co-work your challenge with peers
✔️ 6 working sessions to get guidance from innovation leaders and experts
✔️ Ongoing peer feedback and accountability support during and after the cohort
✔️ Access to selected content and resources from the "Netflix of Corporate Innovation"

€ 495

€ 295


The Action Accelerator is available for corporate innovation leaders and professionals only.

If you are a consultant/coach, software firm or otherwise service provider to corporate innovators, you may qualify for an Expert Pass to Innov8rs Community. With that membership, you can participate in or even contribute to the cohort.

Curious about the Expert Pass membership? Email Hans Balmaekers for more info

Not sure? Let's talk!

If you'd like to understand better how the Action Accelerator works and how the cohort will support you to solve your challenge, or if you have questions about our application process, start a chat via the blue button bottom right or email