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9 December 2019
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9 December 2019

Ask Me Anything Session   ||   10:00 CET - 17:00 Singapore

No Innovation Without Trust – Philipp Kristian Diekhoener

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Innovation happens when trust (collectively) shifts from the status quo to new things. This transition from one system to another is an uphill trust battle, since it’s always easier to trust what already exists. We rely on pioneers who build trust in new ways of doing things to improve the state of the world, The world’s largest problems are only then properly tackled when we make people trust they’re worth solving (altruistically, commercially, or ideally both).
Organizations are built on industrial bureaucracy whose only purpose is to keep things as they are, this is why transformation rarely succeeds in reality.

Building trust in change is the most sure-fire way to achieve return-on-transformation. But how do we do that?

In this conversation, we’ll explore the above, zoom into the foundations of trust and speak about examples and strategies for companies to be part of the trust economy.

Philipp Kristian Diekhoener is a trust futurist, millennial innovation strategist, TEDx speaker and author of The Trust Economy. A nomad and trailblazer on the road 300+ days a year, he works with some of the best and largest names in business on building a more trusted future. Named a WEF Global Shaper, KAIROS Global Fellow and St. Gallen Symposium Leader of Tomorrow, he is the definitive millennial voice on trust and innovation in the digital age. Philipp believes we have no future without trust. Trust drives behaviour, behaviour drives decisions, and decisions create our future.

Trending Topic Talk / Q&A   ||  7am Eastern - 13:00 CET  - 20:00 Singapore

The Age of Collaboration – Nicolai Schaettgen

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How to maximize the impact of startup-corporate collaborations? How to start your collaboration journey? How to overcome the inherent challenges when “the big meet the small”? How to scale individual collaborations and how to balance quantity, quality and cost…?

Nicolai is the founder and CEO of Match-Maker Ventures and as such daily involved in helping startups and corporates to drive mutual business value. He will share his hands-on experiences as well as the key insights from the most recent Age of Collaboration II report involving more than 500 participants from 80+ countries.

Ask Me Anything   ||  8am Eastern - 14:00 CET - 21:00 Singapore

The Leadership Challenge – Sonja Kresojevic

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To innovate we need to embrace uncertainty and failure as individuals, leaders and as organizations. It also means we need to show vulnerability and admit we don’t have all the answers but are willing to make that much-needed leap of faith. And to drive long-lasting and sustainable changes in our organizations, to truly create the culture of innovation and entrepreneurship, we need to stop relying on grassroots movements and start to lead.

Sonja will share her experience as an innovation leader and executive driving change in large organizations and challenge you to answer questions such as: When do you show up as a leader? How do you learn? Are your life and work aligned with your value and purpose? What’s preventing you from embracing change? How can you influence and create a culture of entrepreneurship in your organization?

After sharing her story, Sonja is available to answer any questions you may have.

Learning Lab   ||  10am Eastern - 16:00 CET - 23:00 Singapore

Applied Empathy: Building Leadership Through Understanding – Michael Ventura

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Empathy is a hot buzzword but is often an afterthought for businesses. The reality is that it is a powerful tool that requires effort to implement and can make your job harder before it makes it easier. However, the effort and challenges are worth the result. The question often is how can one truly build this skill and integrate it into their business toolkit.

Michael Ventura, CEO & Founder of Sub Rosa, has developed a methodology grounded in tangible exercises that allow you to truly step into an empathic mindset. In this talk he will illustrate, via actual case studies from his design practice, just how powerful empathy can be in problem-solving for clients.

Michael Ventura is the CEO and founder of Sub Rosa, a strategy and design firm that has worked with some of the world’s largest and most important brands, organizations and start-ups: from Johnson & Johnson, Pantone, and Adobe to the TED Conference, Delta Airlines and The Daily Show.

Learning Lab   ||  11am Eastern - 17:00 CET

Deliberate Design (and Execution) of Innovation Culture

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What kills innovation? Lack of alignment, lack of buy-in, the failure to be able to get broad support from the most important stakeholders. The only answer to these problems is culture. It is the deliberate design and execution of culture. Cultures that are scalable, that give you and your innovation colleagues more influence. The kind of influence you need to deliver change at scale, to truly innovate.

Jason Korman CEO and Dr. Jeffrey Shub, Chief Medical Officer of Gapingvoid Culture Design Group will share strategies and tactics that will help you understand designing cultures of innovation in a new way.

Ask Me Anything Session   ||  12pm Eastern - 18:00 CET

Loonshots: How to Nurture the Crazy Ideas That Win Wars, Cure Diseases, and Transform Industries – Safi Bahcall

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Drawing on the science of phase transitions, Safi Bahcall shows why teams, companies, or any group with a mission will suddenly change from embracing wild new ideas to rigidly rejecting them, just as flowing water will suddenly change into brittle ice.

Using examples that range from the spread of fires in forests to the hunt for terrorists online, and stories of thieves and geniuses and kings, Safi Bahcall helps us understand the behavior of companies and the fate of empires. Loonshots distills these insights into lessons for corporate innovators.

Safi is a second-generation physicist (the son of two astrophysicists), a biotech entrepreneur, and former public-company CEO.

Ask Me Anything Session   ||  1pm Eastern - 19:00 CET

Accelerate This! – Ryan Kushner

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Ask the Accelerator Guy anything! Ryan literally wrote the book on accelerators. Want to know about how, why, or if programs work? Ask him! Come prepared with ideas and accelerators/incubators or whatever you are considering to grow your business. We’ll have a focus on clean energy, but can talk about a range of industries and problems.

Ryan Kushner is an expert in energy, climate, and innovation ecosystem (incubator, accelerators and prizes). He is the author of Accelerate This! A Super Not Boring Guide To Startup Accelerators And Clean Energy Entrepreneurship, sponsored by the World Bank, Asian Development Bank, World Wildlife Fund and New Energy Nexus, and featuring Y Combinator, Techstars, 500 Startups and other innovation programs from around the world. He is the Global Network and Curriculum Lead at New Energy Nexus, faculty at Singularity University in Energy + Environment, advisor to Carbon180’s CarbonTech Lab and founder of The Oceantech Community.

Trending Topic Talk / Q&A   ||  2pm Eastern - 20:00 CET

The Disruption Mindset – Charlene Li

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To be competitive, it’s no longer enough to be innovative – you must have a strategy for disruptive growth, a plan to identify and seize an opportunity no one else has the audacity or confidence to reach for. Disruptors don’t just blow things up – they also create and build things that results in huge, positive change. This talk will help you build your own disruption mindset.

For the past two decades, Charlene Li has been helping people see the future. She’s the New York Times bestselling author of six books, including her newest release, The Disruption Mindset: Why Some Businesses Transform While Others Fail, and Open Leadership as well as co-author of the critically-acclaimed book, Groundswell.

Learning Lab   ||  3pm Eastern - 21:00 CET

Embracing Flux: Building Resilience in Times of Unrelenting Change – Joan Ball

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Creating a culture of innovation is an ongoing challenge for organizational change makers. Unfortunately, fear of the unknown and discomfort with uncertainty prevents many people from getting on board with new initiatives. What can innovation managers do to help their teams to adapt to the unknown with a sense of excitement and curiosity rather than dread? In this interactive session we explore what it takes to equip and encourage people to embrace flux and learn thrive in times of unrelenting change.

Joan Ball is an Associate Professor of Marketing in the Tobin College of Business at St. John’s University and the founder of WOMBLab, an action research-based consultancy operating at the intersection of human capacity development, service design and social innovation. Joan currently serves as the Innovator in Residence at the Centre for Social Innovation in New York City where she is exploring what it takes for enterprise founders to incubate, scale and sustain strong and resilient social impact initiatives.

Learning Lab   ||  4pm Eastern - 22:00 CET

How to Fit your Culture to your Market Strategy (and Why It Matters) – Kim Perkins

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Today’s most effective organizations have one powerful thing in common – they have strong culture-market fit, the essential connection between “how you win” and “how you work.” In this original and interactive session, the team from NOBL will reveal the “lingua franca” of your organization: the common language you need to achieve the inclusive, connective culture that gives you peak performance.

Kim Perkins helps companies get beyond reward and punishment to motivate their people through passion, purpose, and positive relationships. A former journalist and pro athlete, she holds a Ph.D. in positive organizational psychology from Claremont Graduate University and works with NOBL, a global change agency.

Connect with thought leaders and corporate innovators around the world, to learn what’s working now and what’s coming next.

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10 December 2019

Trending Topic Talk / Q&A   ||   9:00 CET - 16:00 Singapore

LEAP: How to Thrive in a World Where Everything Can Be Copied – Howard Yu

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The competitive advantage that accrues from scale, or great brands, or patents, is evanescent. But looking back through history, this session will show that companies that survived dramatic shifts were able to leap from one knowledge system or foundational discipline to another. Successful companies have leaped into new areas of foundational knowledge.

Based on the award-winning bestseller, LEAP, four core principles will be explored and discussed: (1) understand your firm’s foundational knowledge and its trajectory; (2) acquire and cultivate new knowledge disciplines; (3) leverage seismic shifts; (4) experiment to gain evidence.

Howard Yu is the LEGO Professor of Management and Innovation as well as the director of IMD’s signature program, Advanced Management Program (AMP).

He is the author of the award-winning book LEAP: How to Thrive in a World Where Everything Can Be Copied.

Trending Topic Talk / Q&A   ||   10:00 CET - 17:00 Singapore

Innovation Excellence: Best Practices That Work – Richard Turrin

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Learn innovation “best practices” that can help your innovation program excel. This practical discussion will help you understand where your innovation program has room for improvement.

Uncover the “symptoms” of underperforming innovation programs to help make yours more effective. For all those that are tired of hearing about the need for an “innovation culture,” learn concrete actions that will actually foster this culture in your innovation program.

Rich Turrin is the international best-selling author of “Innovation Lab Excellence: Digital Transformation from Within” and an award-winning executive with more than 20 years of experience in fintech innovation. He is an independent fintech and AI consultant, helping clients navigate the uncharted waters associated with the latest cognitive technologies. He previously headed fintech for IBM Cognitive Studios Singapore (IBM’s Innovation Lab) and worked for IBM China. He currently resides in Shanghai and is writing his next book on China’s fintech scene. Learn more:

Trending Topic Talk / Q&A  ||   11:00 CET - 18:00 Singapore

High Velocity Innovation with Rapid Learning Cycles – Katherine Radeka

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You can get your best ideas to market faster, once you know how to create the conditions that pull innovation from your teams.

In this session, Katherine Radeka, author of High Velocity Innovation will share why the things people often do to accelerate innovation actually slows it down. Then she’ll describe how to accelerate innovation by putting in place the structures, processes and tools that make it easier to deliver innovation, whether you’re in a start-up or in Corporate R & D. At the center of it all is the Rapid Learning Cycles Framework, a program management system that is tailored for running rapid innovation programs so that bad ideas fail quickly and good ideas can be prepped for acceleration.

Along the way, she’ll share her insights from accelerating innovation programs for companies like SunPower, Keurig Dr Pepper, Hyster Yale, Whirlpool and Novo Nordisk.

Trending Topic Talk / Q&A   ||   12:00 CET - 19:00 Singapore

How to Build a Minimum Viable Bureaucracy – Steve Glaveski

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In most organizations, there is an unhealthy emphasis on process instead of freedom. When these companies were small, everybody knew each other and things were simple. As they grew, things became complex, misconduct increased, trust evaporated, and so process stepped in to fill the vacuum…a lot of process.

This came at the cost of creativity and innovation, it came at the cost of challenging the status quo and thinking different. It ensures short-term survival at the expense of long-term reinvention and sustainability.

In this session, Steve Glaveski will introduce the concept of a minimum viable bureaucracy (MVB), and what steps both your organization, and you personally, can take, in order to bring freedom, creativity and a rebel mindset back into your organization’s DNA, without sacrificing governance.

Steve Glaveski is an entrepreneur, author and podcast host whose mission is to unlock the latent potential of people so that they can create more impact for humanity and lead more fulfilling lives. He is CEO of Collective Campus, an innovation accelerator based in Melbourne and Singapore, that works with large organizations around the globe. Collective Campus was recognized by the Australian Financial Review as one of Australia’s fastest-growing new companies in 2018.

Learning Lab   ||   7am Eastern - 13:00 CET - 20:00 Singapore

The Intrapreneurs’ Factory – Nicolas Bry

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In the first part, Nicolas will outline the key concepts of the book The Intrapreneurs’ Factory, 10 Steps to Design a Program for Intrapreneurs. Then follows a conversation with Jean-Baptiste, an intrapreneur from Malakoff Mederic (having created a startup Cameo), and Marine, intrapreneurship manager from Air France. At the end there’s an interactive Q&A with participants.

Nicolas Bry: Orange Startups Studio Founder | Intrapreneurship / Entrepreneurship | Passionate expert of Innovation Labs exploring new Business | International speaker (TEDx). Masterclasses @Google Academy, emlyon business school, CentraleSupélec | ISPIM Prize for innovation management | Writer of, and The Intrapreneurs’ Factory

Marine Gall
VP Innovation & Intrapreneurship Programs, Air France

With a demonstrated history in customer experience and management, Marine Gall is a skilled expert who currently carries two innovation programs within Air France. One of them is the intrapreneurship Program “Boost the future”, a high-impact innovation program, whose aim is to accompany employees in a positive and creative environment to develop new businesses.

Jean-Baptiste Richardet

As a passionated developer, he roamed between start-ups and big corp. Finally, he launched Cameo to create the career path he would have loved to have.

Trending Topic Talk / Q&A  ||   9am Eastern - 15:00 CET - 22:00 Singapore

Rebel Talent – Greg Larkin & Francesca Gino

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Rebels have a lot to teach us. We think of them as troublemakers, outcasts, contrarians: those colleagues, friends, and family members who complicate seemingly straightforward decisions, create chaos, and disagree when everyone else is in agreement. But in truth, rebels are also those among us who change the world for the better with their unconventional outlooks. Instead of clinging to what is safe and familiar, and falling back on routines and tradition, rebels defy the status quo. They are masters of innovation and reinvention, and they have a lot to teach us.

Professor Francesca Gino is an award-winning researcher who focuses on why people make the decisions they do at work, and how leaders and employees have more productive, creative and fulfilling lives. She is the Tandon Family Professor of Business Administration at Harvard Business School and the author, most recently, of “Rebel Talent: Why it Pays to Break the Rules in Work and Life.”

Trending Topic Talk / Q&A  ||   10am Eastern - 16:00 CET - 23:00 Singapore

Lessons From Failure: An Experiment In Start-up Thinking In The Charity Sector – Hannah Keartland, Ben Holt, Claire Howeson

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The charity sector is being disrupted – it’s becoming increasingly difficult to raise money through mass fundraising and new business models such as sustainable enterprise are emerging that deliver social impact.

So we set up a unit to find new funding streams and new business models for delivering social impact. We applied learnings from the start-up world and from more established beta businesses – but after 7 months the unit was shut down. We will share our journey, our experiences and our learnings.

Hannah runs a consultancy practice, helping senior finance leaders make better decisions about innovation investment so that the time and money their business invests in innovation has the greatest impact. Prior to this, Hannah was Director of Innovation at Cancer Research UK.

Ben is a leader with a track record of delivering innovative solutions to complex problems. He thrives on the challenge of making new ideas useful and specialises in digital technology and organisational change. Ben is currently redesigning the innovation system for the UK’s largest charity, Cancer Research UK

Claire is a qualified lawyer and start-up founder turned social innovator and entrepreneur. She is passionate about harnessing the power of business and entrepreneurship to tackle social and environmental issues and has a particular interest in the leadership and culture needed to drive and sustain this.

Trending Topic Talk / Q&A  ||   11am Eastern - 17:00 CET

Corporate + Startups = ??? – Ben Yoskovitz

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How do startups and big companies work together? Is it even possible? How about in a repeatable and scalable way? And when big companies need to look beyond their core businesses and business models, what are the best ways of doing that? In this talk, Ben Yoskovitz will answer all of these questions, sharing new approaches, real world examples and things to look out for big companies and startups when working together.

Ben Yoskovitz is a Founding Partner at Highline Beta, a venture studio and venture capital firm building and funding new ventures with leading corporates. Previously, Ben was VP Product at VarageSale and GoInstant (acquired by Salesforce.) He’s founded several companies and invested in over 15 startups over his 23 year career in technology. Ben is also the co-author of Lean Analytics, a book focused on helping startups and big companies use analytics to build their businesses faster.

Trending Topic Talk / Q&A   ||   1pm Eastern - 19:00 CET

Psychological Safety At Work: Building The Fearless Organization – Amy Edmondson

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Amy C. Edmondson is the Novartis Professor of Leadership and Management at the Harvard Business School, a chair established to support the study of human interactions that lead to the creation of successful enterprises that contribute to the betterment of society.

Amy has been ranked by the biannual Thinkers50 global list of top management thinkers since 2011 (most recently #13) and selected in 2019 as the #1 most influential thinker in Human Resources by HR Magazine. She teaches and writes on leadership, teams and organizational learning.

Her most recent book, The Fearless Organization: Creating Psychological Safety in the Workplace for Learning, Innovation, and Growth (Wiley 2019) offers practical guidance for teams and organizations who are serious about success in the modern economy.

Trending Topic Talk / Q&A   ||   2pm Eastern - 20:00 CET

Biggest Mistakes of Change Makers: How to Avoid the Pitfalls – Tracey Lovejoy

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Tracey is an anthropologist, longtime amplifier of Catalysts and co-CEO of Catalyst Constellations. For many years she drove innovation at Microsoft by connecting designers and engineers to the needs of their customers and managing teams to catalyze change. Today she is a coach for change makers and their teams.

A social scientist with a graduate degree from the University of Chicago, Tracey began researching Catalysts in 2015, and now she uses this research and her own experience making change to support Catalysts to better understand themselves and more powerfully change the world. A key finding from Tracey’s research is that change makers tend to inadvertently leave people behind – tune in to learn more!

Trending Topic Talk / Q&A   ||   3pm Eastern - 21:00 CET

Key to Staying Relevant: Re-Imagine the Boundaries of Your Business – Gabor George Burt

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In today’s border-less business environment, you are either actively shaping the future of your market space, or you are left in the wake of others who are. Gabor George Burt reveals how you can be among the future-shapers. His Slingshot Framework enables you to redraw market boundaries in a way that assures the ongoing relevance and growth of your organization.

Gabor distills the complexity of strategy formation into the simple, intuitive steps of the Slingshot Framework, teaching you to:
• Stretch the definition of your business to discover new markets of high relevance and impact
• Transform the weakest points of your customers’ experience into the strongest
• Aim beyond satisfying your customers, by keeping them continuously infatuated
• Embrace the ‘Innovation Shortcut’, by unlocking powerful combinations of already existing components that lead to boundary-breaking, new customer value

A mastermind of innovation, creativity and strategy, Gabor Burt enables individuals and organizations to overstep perceived limitations and to carve out successful growth strategies. His Slingshot Framework is at the forefront of global innovation.

Understand key trends in corporate innovation, hear stories from companies across industries, ask for feedback on your challenges, discover new frameworks and develop crucial skills.

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11 December 2019

Ask Me Anything  ||   9:00 CET - 16:00 Singapore

AMA: Innovation Strategy, Governance and Accounting – Dan Toma

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Whatever your questions are concering innovation strategy, governance and accounting, Dan will be more than happy to address them in this Ask Me Anything session.

Dan Toma is an innovation thought leader and the co-author of the award-winning book ‘The Corporate Startup’ (published by Vakmedien in 2017 and awarded ‘Management Book of the Year for Innovation and Entrepreneurship’ by Chartered Management Institute and The British Library in 2018). Dan started his career in entrepreneurship, being involved with technology startups across the world.

Trending Topic Talk / Q&A  ||   10:00 CET - 17:00 Singapore

CreationLeadership – A New Way of Working is Possible – Philip Horvath

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The most pervasive emotion in today’s world of work is fear. Fear of the future; Fear of missing targets; Fear of becoming redundant in an environment of financial optimization and automation. Not surprisingly, engagement and return on payroll are pitiful, and innovation is mostly a pipedream, or theater at best. In this session, we will explore a different reality – one that anyone can begin to create – no matter what job title or mandate one may hold. A reality of meaningful outcomes, authentic relationships, and of joyful creation.

Philip has always explored the edges of culture. Working with artists, entrepreneurs, activists and corporate changemakers, he inspires through transformational storytelling and guides processes toward creating new cultural operating systems.

As a co-founder of LUMAN, he serves as a strategist for organic organizational transformation, and as a culture catalyst and intrapreneurship trainer focusing on connecting employees to their purpose and providing the psychological safety to create transformational results.

Ask Me Anything  ||   11:00 CET - 18:00 Singapore

Bringing Innovation to Life at Bayer – Henning Trill & Julia Hitzbleck

Trending Topic Talk / Q&A  ||   12:00 CET - 17:00 Singapore

The Number One Innovation Challenge: Delivering at Scale, Scope and Speed in a Hyper Competitive Economy – Haydn Shaughnessy

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Companies need a new value discovery process. Business ecosystems are widely discussed but little understood. However they are the main reason that companies need to innovate more and faster. If you fill the funnel with MVPs and lean iterations your business will choke. In this presentation we talk about how to discover value for a more competitive environment.

Haydn Shaughnessy is an expert in the platform and ecosystem economy and new ways to work in this hypercompetitive environment. He has a thirty year background in innovation and transformation, especially in application development. An ex-editor of Innovation management and columnist at, he has also written on strategy for the Harvard Business Review and Gigaom. His thought leadership has covered enterprise innovation, global structural transformation, AI, blockchain and the apps economy.

Trending Topic Talk / Q&A  ||   10am Eastern - 16:00 CET - 23:00 Singapore

Corporate Hacker: A Survival Guide for Entrepreneurship in the Corporate World – Åsa Caap

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Åsa worked as Innovation director at Pernod Ricard and saw an opening for a global brand, built on local relevance. She founded Our/Vodka with a business model that was very different from the Pernod Ricard business model, processes and structures and therefore very controversial.

Åsa spent 2 years trying to convince Pernod Ricard to invest in her idea. She then ran Our/Vodka from 2012 to 2018. She was awarded Sweden’s Intrapreneur of the year 2015, became one of Fast Companies “1000 Most Creative People in Business” 2016 and was listed on “Challengers to watch” by EatBigFish.

Trending Topic Talk / Q&A  ||   11am Eastern - 17:00 CET

ISO 56000: Ushering a New Era for Innovation Management – Ludwig Melik

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Leapfrog the competition by being an early adopter of the newly developed ISO 56000 Standard for Innovation Management. By adopting the new 56000 ISO Standard, any organization can gain first-mover advantage, professionalize its innovation program, and gain a significant competitive edge.

Join Planbox CEO Ludwig Melik for this first-ever ISO 56000 thought leadership webinar, and learn how to implement the new Standard for Innovation Management to accelerate your innovation outcomes and boost positive returns on your innovation investments.

Ludwig Melik is the CEO of Planbox, a leading provider of cloud-based AI-powered agile Innovation Management software. In 2019, Planbox acquired Imaginatik (LSE: IMTK) (the #1-ranked leader in corporate innovation management according to Forrester Research) to seize on the innovation boom. Ludwig has more than 20 years of experience in the project portfolio management, innovation, and collaboration market.

Ask Me Anything   ||   12pm Eastern - 18:00 CET

Everything Kickbox and Employee-Driven Innovation – Mark Randall

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Randall semi-retired earlier this year after 12 years as Adobe’s Chief Strategist and Vice President of Creativity, incubating disruptive new businesses and leading the company’s global innovation process. To empower Adobe’s 20,000 employees to develop their own ideas Randall created Kickbox, a unique innovator’s toolbox which Fortune Magazine called “a magical cardboard bundle to kickstart creative problem solving.

In 2015 Adobe open-sourced Kickbox leading to its adoption at thousands of enterprises, universities, governments and non-profits. Kickbox has since grown into the world’s most popular enterprise innovation process with Adobe being been named to both Forbes and Fast Company’s Most Innovative Companies” lists. The free, open source Kickbox is now a cross-industry best practice curated by hundreds of volunteer experts at, a non-profit community of innovation executives, coaches, educators and students.

Learning Lab   ||   1pm Eastern - 19:00 CET

Metrics for Measuring Innovation Health – Nick Noreña

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Is our innovation strategy working? How can we compare our efforts to our competitors? How do we measure progress on our 10 year innovation strategy today?

Although we know we need it, it’s hard to measure innovation and even harder to prove that we’re making progress. When the next downturn comes, we may find our innovation funding cut off unless we can justify our budgets. Return on Investment (ROI) is useless, but are there any proven alternatives?

In this hands on workshop you will define metrics and a dashboard for measuring your innovation ecosystems.

Nick Noreña is an innovation coach based out of San Francisco who has spent the last 6.5 years working in the startup and corporate innovation space. He has worked with over 100 businesses as a coach, educator, and entrepreneur. Nick specializes in helping early stage startup or corporate teams validate their business ideas. He has worked with companies such as Jaguar Land Rover, IDEO, Walmart, Center for Creative Leadership, Unilever, and the Asian Development Bank.

Learning Lab   ||   2pm Eastern - 20:00 CET

Impactful Storytelling for Innovators & Disruptors – Susan Lindner

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How do leaders get customers to follow them in light of massive change and an uncertain future? By cracking the code on history’s greatest storytellers, Susan gives leaders a blueprint for creating their own stories that offer a vision, message, and path that the market can follow – with religious zeal. Whether you’re a corporate innovator or startup disruptor, this workshop is the critical link that lets you communicate your ideas and turn a message into a movement that others will follow.

Susan got her start as an AIDS educator in the brothels of Thailand, helping turn prostitutes into entrepreneurs. Today, she’s the founder of Emerging Media, a branding, PR and marketing agency dedicated to helping tech founders reach their finish lines. Her award-winning strategies have gotten 10 companies acquired, and she is now hell-bent on sharing them with the world. Susan speaks to startups, innovators, and top executives from 60+ countries at GE, PWC, Deutsche Bank, Capital One and at global conferences, consulates and trade organizations about strategic storytelling, mastering the message and the media for maximum impact.

Trending Topic Talk / Q&A   ||   3pm Eastern - 21:00 CET

Push Pause: 3 Keys to Turn Personal Burnout into Fuel – Rachael O’Meara

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Overwhelm, stress, burnout… these are things we have all experienced. In modern business, especially the tech industry, burnout is viewed as inevitable, but it doesn’t have to be this way. Burnout can lead to some of the deepest and truest revelations about oneself – if you know how to look for them and navigate the negativity. It takes learning the power of Pausing – facing your greatest fears and learning to be yourself again.

Instead of avoiding problems or challenges (including burnout), when you know how to intentionally pause, you can address them, solve them, and learn. Pausing means you are being in service to the doing, and that is key for innovators, entrepreneurs, and all of us challenged to do more and more while we thrive.

Rachael O’Meara is a transformation leadership and executive coach who empowers professionals to learn and build the emotional intelligence skills to thrive at work and beyond. For the past decade, Rachael’s experience in sales and client services at Google has helped her have a pulse on what it takes to be a successful and thriving transformational leader. Her book Pause was named one of 2017’s top business books for your career and was featured in the New York Times, and on the TEDx stage in 2019.

Trending Topic Talk / Q&A   ||   4pm Eastern - 22:00 CET

Leadership Transformation: What They’re (still) Not Telling You In A Leadership Class – Brant Cooper

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“Be authentic.” “Be vulnerable.” “Be agile!”

As we race headlong into the digital age, leaders are being asked to behave in new ways. Teams are adopting a more “agile” way of working in order to keep up with challenging market conditions and leaders must learn to ways to manage.

But leaders are also facing increased pressure to find new avenues for growth. They have numbers to hit. They must execute! The world is filled with increased complexity, accelerated pace, and obstacles looming around every corner. Leaders know what got them where they are today, but are wondering, “How do I navigate what’s next?”

Here’s the new reality:

  • Leaders are bought-in, but unsure how to make change, let alone lead it.
  • Dealing with uncertainty is a new skill in itself.
  • Leaders must leverage new “soft skills” to empower their teams.

There is an answer! What happens when you think like an entrepreneur? Entrepreneurs thrive in uncertainty. What can we learn from them?

In this exhilarating hour-long presentation, author and entrepreneur Brant Cooper will teach us the 5 steps to leading large organizations to growth and high impact. You’ll walk away ready to create your own blueprint for balancing search and execute across your organization in order to work more efficiently, increase productivity, and unlock new opportunities for growth.

Dive into everything corporate innovation from start to scale. Regardless of where you are on your innovation journey, and no matter what industry you're in, we've got you covered.

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12 December 2019

Trending Topic Talk / Q&A   ||   9:00 CET - 16:00 Singapore

The New Approach To Building Social Impact Within Established Businesses – Anthony Ferrier

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For many years organisations have focused on driving growth / shareholder value, often supported by effective innovation programs and their leaders. However the needs and support for innovation leaders are changing, as a broader viewpoint on the role of businesses emerge. In this session, we will examine and discuss the emerging framework for business success, what is driving the push towards social impact and the actions and steps that innovative leaders can take to drive this shift, as a way to sustainably benefit the organisation.

Anthony Ferrier is an innovation development consultant and thought leader, often with a focus on the impact of disruption on established, mature organisations. Over the past +10 years he has helped shape thinking around the role and impact of innovation leaders as the marketplace matures. He has supported change at organisations as diverse as Fidelity Investments, Pfizer, Ergo Insurance, Volkswagen, Bristol Myers-Squibb, Australian Department of Defence and others.

Trending Topic Talk / Q&A   ||   10:00 CET - 17:00 Singapore

Scaling Up: How to Turn Validated Innovation Concepts Into Business Impact – Frank Mattes

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Ultimately, innovation is about creating business impact. To create it, companies need to have great ideas which build on meaningful insights, then validate these ideas, then scale – Industrialize the product or service, make the market and grow the organization.

Almost any company has enough innovation ideas. A majority understands the value of Validation and how it should be conducted. But only a few are excellent in Scaling-Up.

Frank has worked with leading companies on this issue. He has also written the first book on ‘Scaling-Up corporate startups’. In his talk, he will share his insights on the reasons why and how companies can become excellent in Scaling-Up.

Learning Lab   ||   11:00 CET - 18:00 Singapore

Hackathons – How To The Most Out Of Them To Activate An Innovation Culture Within An Organization – Angela Bee Chan

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Changing the culture of an organization can be hard, especially with legacy systems, processes, tools and thinking. How can we develop an entrepreneurial culture? How do we get our leaders to think differently and include employees in the decision making processes? How do we use hackathons do achieve our desired outcomes?

Angela Bee Chan will go through what a hackathon is, the different outcomes which can be achieved using hackathons, how she has supported almost 500 hackathons over the past 7 years with Hackathons Australia, and how she has embedded ‘hacks’ into the culture at Schneider Electric Pacific.

Angela Bee Chan is the Head of Innovation and Growth at Schneider Electric Pacific, and also the Founder and CEO of Hackathons Australia. Alongside her career, she has participated in nearly 50 hackathons, supported almost 500 in Australia, and used these ‘experiential learnings’ to accelerate her career. Angela is also a TedX and international speaker, some call her our ‘Global Innovation Hacker’.

Learning Lab   ||   12:00 CET -  19:00 Singapore

How Innovation and Inclusion Accelerate Sustainable Business in Frontier Markets – Saidah Nash Carter & Jackie Cureton

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This session will cover the opportunities and obstacles of innovating in Africa, tying them back to the UN’s SDG’s. We will also discuss the importance of focusing on talent and inclusion and why this is pivotal to sustained success in business.

Saidah Nash Carter is a digital business native with a passion for value creation and the use of technology to create new opportunity for business and for humanity. She thrives pushing the boundaries of corporate thinking and business development through emerging technology, co-creation, and a focus on sustainability.

Jackie Cureton is co-founder and Principal Consultant at Bright Insights Global (B.I.G), a boutique women-owned consultancy. Prior, she worked at Thomson Reuters, for 20+ years where she enjoyed an extensive corporate career and held leadership roles in Human resources as well as Business Operations.

Trending Topic Talk / Q&A   ||   8am Eastern - 14:00 CET - 21:00 Singapore

Conquering Innovation and Creativity Killers: Driving Innovation from Within – Kaihan Krippendorff

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Drawing on five years of in-depth research of hundreds of successful innovators and Intrapreneurial Intensity, as well as insights from thought leaders, C-suite leaders, business unit leaders, and front-line employees, Kaihan will share exclusive insights from his next book, Driving Innovation From Within: A Guide for Internal Entrepreneurs.

Kaihan will unveil the most critical internal focus areas for driving innovation and moving your organization forward into the future. He will share specific tools, frameworks, and techniques used by successful innovators to manage and unlock the value of employees’ ideas to increase corporate innovation levels and deliver bottom-line results.

Dr. Kaihan Krippendorff began his career with McKinsey & Company before founding the growth strategy and innovation consulting firm Outthinker. His growth strategies and innovations have generated over $2.5B in revenue for many of the world’s most recognizable companies including BNY Mellon, Citibank, L’Oréal, Microsoft, and Viacom. Recognized by Thinkers50 as one of the top 30 management thinkers to look out for, Kaihan has written four business strategy books including, Driving Innovation From Within: A Guide for Internal Entrepreneurs.

Learning Lab   ||   9am Eastern - 15:00 CET - 22:00 Singapore

Upset the Status Quo – How to Design a Team for Maximum Impact – Aarion Proietti

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Small teams can achieve mighty things. In this workshop you’ll learn how to design teams for maximum impact when innovating & driving change. We’ll provide you with a baseline introduction of innovation as a competency and we’ll share some best practices of innovation. You’ll learn about the Today’s Innovator Profiles: 8 Innovator Archetypes designed to help you construct teams & assign roles for specific tasks in innovation. Attendees will receive a unique Today’s Innovator Profile report by completing a short online assessment after the session.

Aaron Proietti is the author of the new book Today’s Innovator, and an innovation expert with nearly twenty years of experience leading innovation in fast-paced, complex organizations. Aaron served as Chief Innovation Officer and Chief Customer Advocate at Transamerica, a multi-national financial services company.

Learning Lab   ||   10am Eastern - 16:00 CET - 23:00 Singapore

Reinvent Your Innovation Strategy – Vincent Pirenne

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In this session Vincent Pirenne will guide you through new tools to audit the maturity of your innovation capability and help you to rationalize a portfolio of innovation activities to get more impact. All participants will get access to the different tools.

Vincent Pirenne is the CEO of board of Innovation USA. As a partner in Board of Innovation he helps the world’s largest organization navigate fundamental shifts. The team has offices in the NY, Antwerp and Singapore and works with clients like GE, Novartis, Cigna, TD bank, Danone & Ab Inbev.

Learning Lab   ||   11am Eastern - 17:00 CET

How To Create A Movement To Drive Transformation In Your Company Or Industry – Greg Satell

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Everybody has something they’d like to change, whether it is a problem in their organization, their industry, their community or society at large. But how can you get your ideas for change to take hold beyond a small circle of likeminded people? What you need is a cascade: small groups that are loosely connected but united by a common purpose. When they synchronize their collective behavior as networks, they become immensely powerful. A business model is disrupted, an industry is remade, the preceding order is no more and the world is transformed.

Greg Satell is a popular speaker, adviser and author of the new book, Cascades: How to Create a Movement that Drives Transformational Change, whose work has appeared in Harvard Business Review, Barron’s, Forbes, Inc and Fast Company. His earlier book, Mapping Innovation, was selected as one of the best business titles of 2017.

Learning Lab   ||   1pm Eastern - 19:00 CET

Innovators vs. the Organization: A New Study on Cognitive Differences That Make Innovation Hard – Sarah Thurber & Janice Francisco

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Innovators love wild ideas. Analysts find them irritating. Inventors think in abstractions. Engineers and coders need detailed specs. If successful innovation requires cross-functional collaboration, how can organizations move new ideas to market when the people who need to collaborate fundamentally don’t see things the same way?

A 2018 global research study conducted by FourSight, Innov8rs and BridgePoint Effect offers some answers. The study reveals significant cognitive differences between innovators and other functions. The session offers tools, tips and techniques to transform organizational antagonists into powerful allies for innovation.

As an entrepreneur and an intrapreneur Janice Francisco (Founder, BridgePoint Effect) has guided over 500 teams to collaborate, communicate and think better together; she’s most appreciated for how she helps take the ambiguity and uncertainty out of innovation.

Learning Lab   ||   2pm Eastern - 20:00 CET

Innovation Growth Boards (VC) Framework – Craig Wirkus

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Large corporations have advantages over startups when it comes to developing business models if they leverage the right innovation program practices. Craig will give a walkthrough of what it takes to create and run an Innovation Growth Board (internally facing VC).

Companies serious about new business model development set aside enough money to manage a portfolio of teams iterating on business models. Those teams then must iterate on their models with small tranches of funding, startup like constraints and in market validation. Incubation teams business models are evaluated using Implementation Readiness (business model maturity), Innovation Process Health (incubation team behaviors) and Opportunity Scoring (business measures). Only the ones proving viable in the market place continue to receive support and funding.

Craig Wirkus is a strategic innovation leader specializing in magnifying the strengths corporations enjoy while using best practices from venture capital, accelerators and startups.

He has developed frameworks and assets to establish growth boards (corporate venture capital) to manage portfolios of strategically oriented new business models. These frameworks and processes have been used with thousands of employees, dozens of innovation program leaders, 130+ incubation teams and hundreds of launched new business models that have produced over $500M in revenue. His whole systems approach to innovation leaves nothing to chance.

Trending Topic Talk / Q&A   ||   3pm Eastern - 21:00 CET

Beyond The Prototype – Douglas Ferguson

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Have you ever struggled to move a critical innovation project forward at work? You’re not alone. Today, many organizations aren’t poised to traverse the gap between ideation and execution. Based on his experiences running Design Sprints for top companies, Voltage Control president Douglas Ferguson offers practical advice for people shifting from discovery to realization. In this talk, Douglas outlines his six-step plan for moving any innovation initiative, vision project, or prototype forward.

Douglas is the founder and president of Voltage Control, a fractional CTO consultancy specializing in innovation workshops and sustainable product development. Prior to founding Voltage Control, Douglas was CTO of Twyla, Google Ventures backed art marketplace.

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13 December 2019

Trending Topic Talk / Q&A   ||   10:00 CET - 17:00 Singapoore

The Compass and The Radar: What Is A Successful Career? – Paolo Gallo

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In his book The Compass and the Radar, Paolo Gallo offers a unique pathway toward identifying the right career, finding the ideal job and developing a moral compass – the solid value system that will then anchor the reader in their professional lives.

For most innovators, there is not enough support from their companies to manage their careers. We’re pleased to have Paolo for this Ask Me Anything session to discuss anything careers with you.

Over the last 30 years, Paolo Gallo has been Chief Human Resources Officer at the World Economic Forum in Geneva; Chief Learning Officer at The World Bank in Washington DC; and Director of Human Resources at the European Bank for Reconstruction & Development in London.

Trending Topic Talk / Q&A   ||   11:00 CET - 18:00 Singapoore

Transforming Legacy Organizations – Kris Østergaard

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Innovation is much harder for the larger, established organizations than it is for startups. But no one really has a better chance of succeeding with their innovation initiatives than the legacy organizations of the world. This, however, has much less to do with money and far more to do with mindset and design.

In his talk, Kris Østergaard, shares his research behind why companies need to understand their six degrees of competition, innovate in multiple track simultaneously to not just optimize but also augment and mutate their core and finally, why technology isn’t the hard problem of innovation and how culture hacks can help companies become the innovation champions of the future.

Kris Østergaard is the bestselling author of Transforming Legacy Organizations: Turn Your Established Business Into An Innovation Champion To Win The Future and the co-founder and Chief Learning & Innovation Officer of SingularityU Nordic, a regional partner of Singularity University, as well as a global faculty member of Singularity University. He is also the co-author of The Fundamental 4s: How to Design Extraordinary Customer Experiences in an Exponential World. Kris is an internationally sought-after speaker and facilitator on corporate innovation, innovation in legacy organizations, customer experiences and exponential technology.

Trending Topic Talk / Q&A   ||   12:00 CET - 19:00 Singapoore

Innovation – a Dialogue on the State of the Art, with Dr “Mad” Max Mckeown and Prof Alf “The Oddfather” Rehn

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Innovation is a hot topic, yet one that can be quite difficult to pin down. In this critical dialogue, two thought leaders on innovation hash out the(ir) issues, including engagements with the past, present, and future of innovation, the dangers of simplifying innovation concepts, and the need for innovation critique. Irreverent, provocative, and at times possibly surreal, this will not be innovation as usual as two opinionated innovation specialists go head-to-head.

Alf Rehn is a professor of innovation, design, and management at the University of Southern Denmark, who also keynotes and advises on innovation globally – from Los Angeles to Pyongyang.

Trending Topic Talk / Q&A   ||   7am Eastern - 13:00 CET - 20:00 Singapore

Why (And How) Slowing Down Might Be The Best Way To Accelerate Change – Gib Bulloch

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Gib is a speaker, writer and facilitator with a unique perspective on the relationship between business, society and the self.

With over 25 years in the corporate world, he now works with organisations, individuals and teams to develop a sense of responsibility at both a personal and collective level to create meaningful social impact.

Trending Topic Talk / Q&A   ||   9am Eastern - 15:00 CET - 22:00 Singapore

Don’t Fail Fast, Learn Fast: Building a Test and Learn Culture That Sticks – Roddy Knowles

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Most innovative organizations recognize the importance of making data-driven decisions. However, the time and rigor required to gather data is often at odds with the agility required to build and improve innovative products and solutions. Roddy will explore how instilling a test and learn mindset – and toolset – enables teams to be nimble in solving problems and developing products. Learn how consistently having data at your fingertips fosters a culture of successful innovation.

Roddy Knowles is Head of Research, leading Alpha’s research and operations team. In addition to academic training in the social sciences, he has an extensive professional background in both qual and quant research methodologies. Roddy is a frequent speaker, award-winning author, and champion of research innovation and best practices.

Trending Topic Talk / Q&A   ||   10am Eastern - 16:00 CET - 23:00 Singapore

The 10 Most Important Questions for Corporate Innovators – Jasper Baggerman

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Why do some corporates excel in innovation and do others struggle to get it right? Jasper Baggerman will share the insights of his book “Grip op innovatie”. How can alignment in innovation be obtained? How do big Dutch companies deal with innovation. And what can we learn from them to supercharge innovation within your company?

In the second part of this session Jasper will answer questions from the audience about the issues they are experiencing in their day to day practice.

Over the years Jasper helped many organizations with innovation. And what he found out is that when organizations get successful in innovation, they all seem to have a same sort of alignment of the different aspects of innovation. In his effort to decode this he came up with 10 questions that could help every organization in getting in control of innovation. This lead to the Cycle of Innovation, a pragmatic method to organize and embed innovation in big organizations.

To discover if this could apply for every organization Jasper asked 5 big Dutch companies to tell me how they deal with innovation. Philips , ASML, KPN, KLM and DSM. Five inspiring stories on innovation. And in each of these stories the different aspects of innovation of the Cycle of Innovation are touched upon. The method and cases are described in the book “Grip op Innovation”.

Trending Topic Talk / Q&A   ||   11am Eastern - 17:00 CET

The Five Qualities of Top-Performing Innovation Programs – Jessica Day

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If the boundaries between departments are dissolving and transformative change can start anywhere, how do organizations build repeatable, inspiring intrapreneurship programs? IdeaScale is a software solution used by companies and government institutions of all sizes to identify and nurture intrapreneurial ideas. They’ve analyzed their top-performing customers to identify five qualities that set these leaders apart and allow them to find creative solutions, create teams around new concepts, and celebrate their intrapreneurs at every level.

Jessica Day is Co-Founder of IdeaScale, the largest idea management platform in the world with more than 35,000 communities and 4.5 million users.

IdeaScale empowers organizations to crowdsource ideas from their employees or customers who then collaborate, evaluate, and further develop those ideas into products, processes, and new initiatives. IdeaScale’s client roster includes industry leaders, such as Citrix, Marriott Vacations Worldwide, NASA, the New York City Police Department, Princess Cruises and many others. As part of her role, Jessica analyses and articulates patterns appearing in crowdsourced innovation.

Pre-recorded Talks

During the virtual summit, you'll have access to 50+ videos from talks pre-recorded for this summit, and from our conferences. Here's a glimpse of what's included:

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Why Simple Wins: Eliminate Complexity & Get to the Work that Matters
– Lisa Bodell

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Imagine what you could do with the time you spend sitting in meetings and writing emails every day. Complexity is killing companies’ ability to innovate and adapt, and simplicity is fast becoming the competitive advantage of our time. Drawing on research and themes from her latest book, Why Simple Wins, Lisa Bodell inspires leaders and their teams to proactively move beyond the feelings of frustration and futility that come with so much unproductive work in today’s corporate world, to create a corporate culture where valuable, essential, meaningful work is the norm.

By learning how to eliminate redundancies, communicate with clarity, and make simplification a habit, individuals and companies can begin to recognize which activities are time-sucks and which create lasting value. Using highly engaging stories and techniques, Bodell proves that by using simplicity as an operating principle, we can eliminate the organizational and individual busywork that consumes us every day, and instead spend more time on the work that matters.

FutureThink CEO Lisa Bodell is the best-selling author of Kill the Company and Why Simple Wins. She’s a global leader on simplification and innovation, whose keynotes leave audiences inspired to change and arms them with radically simple tools to get to the work that matters.

Trending Topic Talk

Solving the Transformation Equation – Scott D. Anthony

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Transformation is the toughest challenge a leadership team will ever face. Success requires that leaders:

  • Split transformation into two parallel efforts: repositioning today’s business to maximize its resilience (Transformation A) while creating a powerful growth engine (Transformation B)
  • Thoughtfully link capabilities between A and B to take advantage of difficult-to-replicate assets without succumbing to the “sucking sound of the core.”
  • Demonstrate the courage to choose (before the platform burns), the clarity to focus (on a select few strategic moonshots), the curiosity to explore (in the face of uncertainty), and the conviction to persevere (in the face of predictable crises of commitment, conflict, and identity).

Disruptive change creates a window of opportunity to create massive new markets. It is the moment where the market also-ran can become the market leader. It is the moment when business legacies are created. Following the right approach can allow leaders to own the future, rather than be disrupted by it.

Scott D. Anthony is a senior partner at Innosight, a leading growth strategy consulting firm.  Based in the firm’s Singapore offices since 2010, he has led Innosight’s expansion into the Asia-Pacific region as well as its venture capital activities (Innosight Ventures).  Scott writes and speaks frequently about growth and innovation and is most recently the co-author of the book Dual Transformation: How to Reposition Today’s Business While Creating the Future, a blueprint for how successful companies can leverage disruptive change to fortify today’s business and create tomorrow’s growth engine.

Trending Topic Talk

Pirates In The Navy: How Innovators Can Overcome Obstacles And Thrive In Corporate Environments – Tendayi Viki

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Whether large companies need to innovate is no longer a question. The challenge now is how to innovate in a consistent way. Tendayi Viki addressed some of the obstacles that innovators face inside their companies; and also some of the mistakes they make. We will then have a conversation about how we can overcome these obstacles and develop a thriving innovation ecosystem.

Tendayi Viki is an author and corporate innovation expert. As Associate Partner at Strategyzer, he helps companies innovate for the future while managing their core business. He has written two books; The Corporate Startup and The Lean Product Lifecycle. He previously served as Director of Product Lifecycle at Pearson, where he co-developed an innovation framework that won the Best Innovation Program 2015 at the Corporate Entrepreneur Awards in New York. Tendayi has been shortlisted for the Thinkers50 Innovation Award and was named on the Thinkers50 2018 Radar List for emerging management thinkers to watch.

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Adaptive Space: How GM and Other Companies are Positively Disrupting Themselves and Transforming into Agile Organizations – Michael Arena

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In business today, disruption is the name of the game—and if you want to succeed you have to be able to react to it in real- time. In this session Michael Arena will share his insights from his soon to be released book on how to foster connections among people, ideas, information, and resources in order to make innovation and adaptability part of your company’s DNA.

By creating adaptive space, you’ll enable novel and creative ideas to freely flow into and throughout your company. Four critical roles to enabling agility will be highlighted broker, connecter, energizer and challenger.

Michael Arena is the VP Talent & Development for Amazon Web Services (AWS). He is responsible for the global talent, leadership development, and new employee success solutions necessary to enable growth and innovation of AWS.

Trending Topic Talk

The Future Is a Game – And This Is How You Win – Anne Skare Nielsen

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The game of the future is no longer a win-lose battle. It is a game we can all win without anyone losing – if we rewrite the rules together. And that is the real purpose of innovation. Tighten your seat belt and get ready for a thrilling ride into the future, where Anne Skare will upgrade you to innovate like a futurist.

If you’ve ever felt confused about which direction you should choose for your future, then you have definitely found the right person. Anne is both a tornado that can lift you up and expand your horizon, as well as the calm eye of the storm that brings focus and peace of mind. Anne works with both small, local and large multi-national organizations and is frequently active in the media, including the popular radio show “The Philosopher, The Writer and The Futurist.” Additionally, she has had her own science program on national television.

Trending Topic Talk

Minding The Mindset – David Dunne & Paolo Korre

Trending Topic Talk

Diplomatic Rebels: Radical Innovation Through Intrapreneurship – David Gram

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The world is changing. Exponentially. Companies and industries face a climate of radical change and potential disruption. To be successful in the future, companies will need to build the capability to constantly experiment with future customer offerings in close collaboration with users and external partners.

David Gram, Venture Partner at LEGO Ventures and Co-Founder of Diplomatic Rebels will share his hard-learned lessons from tackling disruptions, building world-class innovation capabilities and balancing the disruptive forces of innovation with a clear understanding and care for the past – or as he calls it being a Diplomatic Rebel.

Trending Topic Talk

Disrupt-It-Yourself – Simone Ahuja

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Today, driving innovation from within an organization is the single most important factor for a company’s success.

Simone Ahuja delivers a clear set of tools and a practical playbook for cultivating the essential practice of intrapreneurship. Based on in-depth research, including scores of interviews, and firsthand experience working with America’s most renown companies including Lowe’s, Stanley Black & Decker, Procter & Gamble and Intuit, Simone describes the competencies of successful intrapreneurs — and the ready-to-implement principles of organizations that know how to support them to unlock a spectrum of organic innovation.

Trending Topic Talk

Stop Innovating: Why Most Corporate Innovation Initiatives Fail and What It Takes to Be a Successful Innovation Leader – Neal Cross

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The role of an innovation leader is rapidly changing and goes beyond just inventing things, in fact inventing things can be a fatal strategy. Learn from one of the worlds most awarded corporate innovators on what it really takes to succeed as an innovation leader.

Neal Cross is a globally recognized corporate, social and start-up entrepreneur with a long track record across bluechip technology, finance and data companies. Most recently Cross was the Chief Innovation Officer at DBS Bank, where in his tenure he drove their transformation into a global innovation powerhouse culminating in achieving the worlds best Digital Bank 2016 and 2018 from Euromoney.

He has personally been awarded the worlds most disruptive CIO/CTO globally from judges Sir Richard Branson and Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak and is a regular winner of best innovation lab and innovation leader awards.

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2019 Reflections

25+ Corporate Innovators looking back at 2019 and forward to 2020 in short audio clips. You'll hear from:

Felipe Daguila

Managing Director Digital Transformation at Ooredoo

Niki Neumann

GM: Innovation & Strategy at AFGRI
South Africa

Saif Husain

Senior Manager, Public Cloud Governance at Rogers Communications

Kelly Wagner-Grull

Director of Innovation and Member Experience at Credit Union of Colorado

Shervin Chua

Global Innovation Director at Bata

Barbara Guerpillon

Director Foundry Asia & New Business Growth Innovation at Unilever

Fam Alonto

Head of Innovation at Insular Life Assurance
The Philippines

Alexandre Bastos

Global Director Innovation at Givaudan

Stephanie Choquette

AVP, Innovation and Workplace Experience at MD Financial Management

Mohan Nair

Senior VP & Chief Innovation Officer at Cambia Health Solutions

Line Lyst

Group Director, Head of Innovation at Ramboll

Michael Bednar-Brandt

Head of Business Innovation, Oracle NEXT at Oracle

Louise Kyhl Triolo

VP, Intrapreneurial Culture & Talent at Airbus

Nabil Malouli

VP Global Ecommerce at DHL

Csila Monfils

Innovation Director, ENGIE Fab at ENGIE

Kristian Luoma

Head of OP Lab at OP Financial

Rahmyn Kress

Founder at HenkelX

Kerry Topp

Associate Director, Transformation & Innovation at Datacom
New Zealand

Wody Keita Stemper

GM China & Co-founder – IZIVAT

Ferran Caceres

FastForward Lead at Philip Morris International

Susana Jurado

Head of Innovation Portfolio-Core Innovation at Telefónica

Fabio Tentori

CEO Enel Innovation Hubs at Enel

Philip Swanson

Advance Development and Innovation Lead at Whirlpool Corporation

Juliane Frenzel

Senior Manager HR Europe at Konica Minolta

Jake Watts

VP of Business Model Innovation at GAF

Tom Waller

SVP Advanced Innovation, Chief Science Officer at lululemon

Lisa Besserman

Head of Program, Global Incubator –

Michael Ackerbauer

Whole Team Intrapreneur – HR Leadership, Learning & Inclusion at IBM

Mike Brown

Director of Product Innovation at ATB Financial

Maria Leontiou

Head of Innovation Center at Eurobank

Steffen Knodt

Director New Ventures at Wärtsilä

Paul Bailo

Global Head of Digital Strategy & Innovation at Infosys Digital

Elena Andolin Mueller

Global Head of Venture Management at Schaeffler

Sean Stanleigh

Head of Globe Content Studio at The Globe and Mail

Maarten Korz

Former Innovation Manager at Rabobank

Shakeya A. McDow

Vice President, Ethics and Compliance Strategy, Intelligence, & Operations at Kaiser Permanente

Byron Luna, Nina Rygh & Kristian Lindøe

(in conversation with Dan Toma)

Codie Sondesky

IT Innovation – Intrapreneur at ZF Group

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