This is a session at Innov8rs Connect – Talents & Teams, 14-15 May 2020

How to Put People First in Your Intrapreneurship Program

The core of intrapreneurship are the people driving their ideas and turning them into new innovative solutions and products for their employer. But how can you find and foster the right people? And how can you enable them to find the resources they need to turn their idea into a success? A true intrapreneur knows who to ask and we just need to provide access to the right people and resources inside and outside the organisation – we must be an enabler, instead of a gatekeeper.

In this trending topic talk, you will learn more about the Kickbox method, a powerful intrapreneurship approach, that puts people first and gives employees the opportunity to be creative, come up with ideas, validate them themselves while learning new methods. You will learn why and how the GETKICKBOX software puts people in the center of all activities in 15+ organisations and how it connects innovators based on their skills and interests.

The session will be held by David and Celia from the Swisscom Kickbox team. They will share insights what they have learned and there will be enough room for discussions and questions.

David Hengartner

CEO at GETKICKBOX by Swisscom

David is heading Swisscom Kickbox, the bottom-up intrapreneurship program at Swisscom, Switzerland’s leading telco company and one of its leading IT companies. He fosters the internal innovation culture and empowers employees to experience “Lean Startup” methodologies by validating their own startup ideas. Employees get a project budget, work time, an innovation booklet and access to internal experts and external service providers.

Besides his job, David is teaching the “Lean Startup Academy” course at ETH Zurich, where Master/PhD students test their startup ideas and start their entrepreneurial adventure.

Before joining Swisscom, David worked in consulting and banking, founded two startups, worked for startups in Zurich and Berlin and is a well connected member of the Swiss startup and corporate innovation ecosystem.

David holds a M.A. in Business Administration from the University of St.Gallen (HSG) with focus on Entrepreneurship and Marketing and a Design Thinking degree from the University of Technology in Sydney.

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