This is a session at Innov8rs Connect – Talents & Teams, 14-15 May 2020

Imagination ​​In a Time of Crisis​​​

Under pressure, one of the first things we can lose is imagination. But imagination – and collective imagination – is on of the things we need most, especially in a crisis.

What can we do to keep imagination alive under pressure? To use imagination, or counter-factual thinking, to navigate challenges successfuly, we need to have a clear understanding of this capacity in our brains, and define how individual and collective imagination can be kept alive and used more effectively in large business. What would a company look like that aimed to seriously compete on imagination, as ambitiously as large companies currently compete on efficiency?

Join Martin Reeves and Jack Fuller of the BCG Henderson Institute to explore the uses of imagination in a crisis and techniques for building a systematic capacity for imagination across your business. The work is based on a recent article in HBR (link​), an extract from a book they have written which will be published with Harvard Business Review Press.

This session will include a presentation, followed by conversation around how these ideas can be deployed with clients during the time of coronavirus. We hope to see you there!

Martin Reeves & Jack Fuller

Managing Director and Senior Partner at Boston Consulting Group and the Chairman of the BCG Henderson Institute / Project Manager at the BCG Henderson Institute

Martin Reeves is a Senior Partner and Managing Director in the San Francisco office of BCG and Chairman of the BCG Henderson Institute, BCG’s think tank on business strategy.

Mr. Reeves is currently leading research on the post-COVID era, winning the ’20s, competing on imagination, corporate vitality, purpose of purpose, strategy and artificial intelligence, competing on the rate of learning, diversity and performance, innovation strategy, organizational vitality and the humanity of corporations.

Jack Fuller is a Special Project Manager at the BCG Henderson Institute, and coauthor of numerous business articles on topics including purpose, strategy games, transformation, play, and goal setting.

At BCG Jack has worked with various clients, focusing on brand strategy, customer journey mapping, and innovation in products and services.

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