This is a session at Innov8rs Connect – Talents & Teams, 14-15 May 2020

Talent and Teams for Innovation

Talents and teams, the people ingredient itself and the secret sauce (objectives, mandates, structures and behaviors) around it are key for any business function and in particular when it comes to innovation and the ability to shape the future.

This is a huge topic so I often start my interactions on this having two main questions in mind.

# What should you do as an individual?…in the context of having more impact, climbing the career ladder and get better jobs

# What should we do as an organization?…in the context of getting better at innovation and thus shaping the future

This brings me to my perspectives for which I can share many, but three key ones are:

# 1 – Focus on potential rather than resume and past experiences
# 2 – Growth mindset, growth leadership and growth systems
# 3 – Work the key stakeholders, be unorthodox

Companies like Amazon, Alibaba, Microsoft and Haier constantly experiment to create organizations to win in their markets. They keep experimenting because they know they can’t win in the marketplace before they win in the workplace. It’s people first!

Stefan Lindegaard

Connecting Talents With Opportunities

Stefan Lindegaard connects talent and organizations with opportunities in a world where the ability to shape the future is more important than ever before.

You can follow his work which is based on the Growth/3 methodology of Growth Mindset, Growth Leadership and Growth Systems on LinkedIn.

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