MAPEGY is a Berlin-based Data-Intelligence company dedicated to the collection and provision of innovation & trend insights since 2011. Our data and AI support innovators and decision-makers to make their businesses future-proof. Access trends, startups, competitors, technologies and more - from one source, fully automated and updated constantly.


In an era where AI, LLM, and NLP are revolutionizing industries, MAPEGY stands at the forefront, delivering a cutting-edge Future Intelligence SaaS platform for strategic decision-making in real-time.

In times of fast-paced and competitive global markets and exponentially growing data & noise our technology-leading solution is trusted by over 50 blue-chip customers such as Siemens, Bosch, BMW, and Accenture. Their innovators and decision-makers use our actionable innovation and trend insights to make their businesses future-proof.

We connect patterns of all innovation ecosystems. We offer the most comprehensive innovation and R&D-related insights - a 360° overview.

We measure and visualize innovation over time and outline futures. We are able to capture data from up to 30 years in the past, analyze it, offer trends and forecasts, and visualize it for decision-makers.

We analyze WHO is doing WHAT, WHERE, WHEN and HOW. We gather information from millions of international organizations and deliver reports on any given subject from birds' eye view down to individual publications. All data we offer is not simply listed, but contextualized for you to ensure instant and high usability.


SCOUT is the ultimate intelligence platform for businesses seeking to stay ahead of the curve. This cutting-edge technology scouting platform empowers you to identify the latest trends, emerging technologies, and potential disruptors in your industry, allowing you to make informed decisions and remain competitive in a fast-paced marketplace.

With SCOUT, you gain access to a vast database of startups, research institutions, and technology experts, all of which are rigorously vetted by our team of experts. Using powerful search and filtering tools, you can easily find the information you need to make strategic decisions that drive growth.

But SCOUT is more than just a database. Our platform offers a suite of powerful tools and features that make it easy to collaborate with your team, track progress, and stay informed about the latest developments in your industry. Whether you're a small startup or a large enterprise, SCOUT is the perfect solution for anyone seeking to leverage technology to gain a competitive edge.