Yumana is the number one french turnkey Saas solution to boost your collaborative innovation projects, and intrapreneurship programs.

In 2020, MyCrowdCompany and Ayno, two key Innovation Saas platforms players, merge to create Yumana, new leader in this segment.

With Yumana, benefit from a unique platform, tailor-made, to source ideas, find fundings, and accelerate your innovation projects.

In brief :
– The most complete platform to organize your thematic challenges, manage your collaborative innovation ecosystem or develop your intrapreneurship programs.
– The 100% customizable and secure solution to move from ideas to projects quickly and make your innovation process a source of concrete results.
– A lot of features to meet all your challenges and manage all your projects easily.
– More than 40 multi-sector, international customers of all sizes (SMEs, Large Groups).

Website: www.yumana.io


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