Welcome to the most transformative period in human history.

We live today in a world of exponential technologies and accelerating breakthroughs, all of which present boundless opportunities. Accessing that opportunity, however, requires organizational evolution.

No enterprise will be able to stay alive -much less thrive- without adapting to the exponential rate of change that accelerating technologies deliver.

As exponential technologies converge and build upon one another, they bring abundance to every industry and, simultaneously, disrupt them all in one way or another.

Traditional business models work just fine in a scarcity-based environment, but they are not designed to operate in the fast-approaching world of abundance.

An Exponential Organization (ExO) is one whose impact (or output) is disproportionately large, at least 10x larger, compared to its peers because of the use of new organization techniques that leverage accelerating technologies.

Your organization’s success comes from the ability to unlock the abundance delivered by emerging technologies, and readily adapt to your rapidly changing business environment.

How to do that? Where to start to become an ExO? How to suppress the organizational immune system that will rally to attack your efforts to transform?

Learn all of that (and more) in this deep dive masterclass on Exponential Transformation.

Your Coach: Michael Leadbetter

Michael is the CEO of ExO Works,  a specialized global business advisory group working with organizations industry-wide, supporting senior leadership in understanding and responding to the emergence of the Exponential Organization (ExO).

Michael previously spent 20+ years in corporate development roles with the leading education and media companies: Euromoney Institutional Investor, Kaplan Inc and Pearson Inc before founding Greenshoot EdTech an advisory practise in 2014.  He has most recently consulted to CEO’s of The Princeton Review and Singularity University.

What You'll Learn

Exponential Transformation equips organizations with a methodology to overcome the organizational immune systems and build thriving Exponential Organizations (ExOs).

In just one day, invigorate your innovation strategies by:

1) reprograming organizational behaviors by overriding the “corporate immune system”

2) developing disruptive initiatives across your core business & new emerging markets

3) introducing you to tools and resources that empower you and your teams to enhance your ability to experiment, engage, and drive innovation.

On the agenda

  • Intro to Exponential Technology and Disruption
  • The Three Horizons Framework Exercise
  • 2030 Exercise
  • Exponential Organizations: Framework and Attributes
  • ExO Methodology Application Exercise
  • Panel Reflection on Becoming an ExO

What Others Say

“Salim Ismail presented the methodology to our 150-employee team and [the ExO Works coaches] spent 10 weeks with Visa. The employees came up with 135 ideas for new products, which we filtered down to 30—then 16, and finally down to four. Some ideas will become products and some will continue to be developed internally. Business aside, the multidisciplinary spirit of [the ExO Sprint] has had a profound impact on our company.”

– Fernando Teles
Country Manager, Visa Brazil

“Exponential Organizations allowed what seemed like lofty goals to become realities by giving us a framework in which to define what changing an industry really meant. Without this book, 49 Financial would not continue to scale at 10X speeds or complete our MTP to revolutionize finance together.”

– Travis Penfield
CEO & Founder, 49 Financial

“It’s been a fabulous journey, not just in terms of coming up with new ideas, but infecting the broader organization so that you can actually run your operations differently. When you’re a large enterprise, success isn’t all about what a small group of people is doing in isolation; success is about the transformation you bring back into the core.”

– Tony Saldanha
VP, IT and Global Business Services, Procter & Gamble

“We were in the perfect place to be disrupted but didn’t know where to begin. The ExO Sprint was the answer. It shook the organization and completely transformed our culture, breaking down boundaries and opening a whole new world of innovation.”

– Francisco Casanueva
CEO, INTERprotección

Exponential Change Masterclass

Overcome Your Organizational Immune System And Become A Thriving Exponential Organization

Masterclass with Michael Leadbetter (ExO Works)London, 8 November 2018

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