This is a session at Innov8rs Helsinki, 5 September 2019

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Building World Class Organization in Portfolio & Innovation

Portfolio and innovation organization is in a key role to develop and execute company strategy, and to ensure future competitiveness. There are specific characteristics and requirements of such highly professional knowledge-based organization compared to any other organization. There is always some tension working in cross-country cross-functional context.

In her presentation, Nina Tuomikangas walks us through, how to set organizational design and collaborative culture across functions and countries, and how to develop professional skills & capabilities to build world-class organizations. Her passion and ambition is to bring competitive advantage through the organization!

Nina Tuomikangas

Director, Portfolio and Innovation at Vaasan – part of Lantmännen

Nina is passionate about building and developing organizations, processes and tools in the international business environment. In her current role leading the portfolio and innovation at Vaasan Fresh Bread cluster, the mission is to revitalize the bread industry by making significant changes to the end-to-end value chain. She has a strong drive to collaborate, involve and inspire people across countries and across functions to achieve together ambitious targets. She believes in finding an optimal balance between structure and creativity.

Nina has a Master’s degree and MBA in Helsinki University of Technology, and she’s currently conducting PhD studies. She has 20+ years experience in FMCG in Finnish, Nordic and Baltic settings in different development and leadership positions. Her current company, Vaasan, is the market leader in Fresh bread in Finnish and Baltic markets, with appr. 190 m€ turnover.