This is a session at Innov8rs Helsinki, 5 September 2019

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Executive Growth Board: Healthy Dynamics for Driving Growth

We already know the models and principles for discovering new growth. These have been done, tested and shared by a vast amount of companies and publishers. However many corporations struggle to turn those growth opportunities into reality, into early phase businesses and ultimately to new business areas within the company.
In this session, we want to focus on a growth board as a group of senior executives within an organization that meet regularly to review, discuss, and ultimately fund or kill new growth initiatives. We will explore the dynamics that enable the fast movement with new opportunities, unlock the entrepreneurial powers within the company and sets the trajectory for growth.
You will be working in small groups and after the session, you will have a set of peer-insights and few principles to take with you.

Mikko Väätäinen

Business designer / Coach / President of Playground

Marko Taipale

Business Designer at Solita

Mikko Väätäinen
Mikko is a professional facilitator of innovation and also creative designer himself. He works with industry-leading companies with their new business ventures and capabilities building. He talks the talks with upper management, walks the walk with teams hands-on and helps the organizations to build bridges between vision and reality.

Mikko has coached several big corporations and helped them the grow their innovation muscles, launch new ventures and setup structures for exploration. He has also worked in leading roles in several data-driven transformation initiatives in different industries and projects combining data & design. At Solita Mikko is a team leader for one of our senior consultant group and is responsible for accelerating our own innovation culture as President of Playground.

Marko Taipale
Marko is helping corporations to solve two challenges: 1) What are the ideas worth of building 2) how to get those ideas done effectively from concept to cash. He is a serial entrepreneur and has been working both local and international corporations like Fazer, Fortum and GE to setup innovation programs and scale up agile ways of working. Currently Marko works in Solita as a business designer.

Marko is also active start-up community member and has been coaching multiple startups in AaltoES, Hub13 and LUTES. In addition he is helping different communities to have better conversations as a facilitator of Non-Violent Communication (NVC).