This is a session at Innov8rs Helsinki, 5 September 2019

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Hacking an Innovation Culture

The reality of Innovation work is often very different than the stories in corporate presentations on international conferences and publications on social media platforms. Practitioners are facing challenges on a variety of levels: in processes, in organizational structure, incentivisation models as well as in the cultural context.

This session intends to provide a safe space to extract real operational challenges to speed up innovation effectiveness and use the intellectual power of participating experts to explore ways to creatively overcome these challenges.

Participants in this session have to be open to share their personal experiences and to be willing to work in small teams to hack to tackle the most relevant joint challenges.

Dr. Bettina Maisch

Senior Key Expert at Siemens

Dr. Bettina Maisch is a distinguished practitioner as well as lecturer. She works as a Senior Key Expert for industrial Design Thinking at Siemens Corporate Technology Munich and is teaching Design Thinking at the University of St.Gallen as well as at the Universities of Applied Science in Ingolstadt and Munich. Bettina held a PhD in Business Innovation from the University of St. Gallen. She was visiting scholar at the Center for Design Research at Stanford University as well as at the Garwood Center for Corporate Innovation at the Haas School of Business at the University of California Berkeley.