This is a session at Innov8rs Helsinki, 5 September 2019

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How to Have Sex with An Elephant: Corporate Venturing the Hard Way

Corporate accelerators are the latest must-have accessory for enterprises looking to hop on the current startup hype wave. Enterprises fear that they’ll miss out on some unicorn and become obsolete but if you think the solution to all your innovation issues is to find tech talent and market yourselves as a corporate accelerator, you are wrong. Ask yourself this one simple question: is your organization even ready to work with startups.

In the workshop you will, first of all, understand why it is crucial to work with startups within your digital transformation agenda. What can startups do and more important what are they not made for within corporate venturing. Furthermore we will dicuss and practice: What is your goal to work with startups, what can be expected and what would be the right vehicle.

Christian Lindener

Managing Director at Wayra Deutschland

During his career in the start-up and venture-capital-scene, Christian Lindener got to know thousands of start-ups. As an independent tech consultant, he initiated, implemented and advised over 20 incubator and accelerator programs. As Director at TechFounders, the high-tech hardware accelerator in Munich, he was responsible for the assistance and development of more than 50 high-tech-start-ups. In June 2017 he helped to bring the InsurTech Hub Munich on the way. He is one of the regional leaders of Bavaria in the Federation of German start-ups. He co-founded two companies, one being a hardware startup which went insolvent in 2013 and the other one being an augmented reality startup exited to in 2014. Christan Lindener was born in Brazil and grew up in Mexico. He studied international business administration and economics at the Leopold-FranzensUniversity in Innsbruck, the University of New Orleans and at the Universitat de Barcelona.

Christian Lindener works for Wayra Germany since February 2017. As the Managing Director he accounts the strategic orientation of Wayra, the selection and assistance of the start-ups and young technology corporations such as the increased integration of Wayra within the international start-up ecosystem