This is a session at Innov8rs Helsinki, 5 September 2019

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Innovation for Customer Experience: How Building a Customer-centric, Holistic Brand Allowed DNA to Focus on Roles Instead of Silos

Not all innovation needs to be disruptive. Just changing the paradigm, like redefining what is brand, can be transformative for a company and lead to a new sense of purpose. This through empathy leads to a heightened awareness of the customer and breaks the usual company silos as delivering recognizable customer experience becomes the focus. In her talk, Ulla will present through purpose-driven brand what it takes to align the company to create customer value through internal collaboration.

Ulla Jones

Customer Experience Lead at DNA

Ulla Jones is currently heading the in-house design and customer insight functions at DNA, a Finnish telco company. She is a thought leader and public speaker who publishes a regular podcast Things+ that deals with the topics of design, strategy and transformation. Ulla is a trailblazer in design strategy having held one of the first-ever business designer and design culture lead positions in Finland. She has worked in service design for over 10 years and was already awarded in 2012 for best service design concept in Finland. She never shies away from a challenge to renew, rethink and reimagine the existing landscape.

Ulla has a multidisciplinary background in landscape architecture, design management and sociology that has given her a unique ability to look at things through business, social and design lenses. Her work philosophy is simply – explore and analyze with empathy because intuition and courage will lead to discovery.