This is a session at Innov8rs Helsinki, 5 September 2019

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Strategic Corporate Partnerships & B2B Co-Creation

Ever wanted to get closer to your B2B partners and suppliers to innovate? Are you looking to disrupt your industry by enabling collaborative innovation with your customers?

Co-creation is not just for B2C contexts.
B2B co-creation, otherwise known as corporate partnerships, has a lot of opportunity for big impact when it comes to innovative business offerings between companies and their most trusted customers. We’ve seen firsthand how successful it can be and wonder why more organizations aren’t doing co-creation programs. Where innovation is concerned, the interesting territory to cover between businesses often isn’t being covered.

In this hands-on session, we will share some best practices and key learnings about running B2B co-creation programs, tell you more about their pitfalls, benefits and outcomes, and also give you various tools that can help you to design new offerings together with your corporate partners, increase speed to market, solve customers’ problems faster and reduce all-round risk.

Shervin Fekri

Senior Innovation Consultant at Board of Innovation

Shervin Fekri is an Innovation Strategy Consultant at Board of Innovation. He has been working with various Fortune 500 corporates supporting them in building their innovation capabilities through defining their innovation strategy, designing and running their innovation programs, setting up their internal incubators / accelerators and training their leadership.