This is a session at Innov8rs Helsinki, 5 September 2019

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Turning Disruption On Its Head

How does a global enterprise with 15,000 employees fight disruption? You disrupt yourself!

Get a close-up of Ramboll’s Disruption Radar and see how we spot radical market changes before they happen. You also get behind the scenes of our Innovation Accelerator to pick up how you can build transformational ideas, apply cutting edge start-up methods, engage with customers, and deliver results to your organization.

Line Lyst

Global Head of Innovation at Ramboll

Line Lyst is Global Head of Innovation at Ramboll. As a front-runner in digital transformation, she enables large enterprises to perform disruptive innovation at speed and scale in parallel with ‘business as usual’.

Line accelerates corporate innovation by applying Design Thinking and Lean Start-up methods to identify breakthrough ideas, rapid experiment, and faster go-to-market.
She has a proven track record of turning digital innovation into new lines of business and across a range of industries, including media, consumer goods, healthcare, design, and engineering consultancy.