Innovators Handbook 2018 - Virtual SummitLive Q&A sessions

Tirza Hollenhorst

Create a compelling vision for 2018 and then define the goals, measurements and daily habits that create your success. Join us on Jan 10 for a live Q&A with Tirza Hollenhorst. It’s free to register…bring us your 2018 vision, & get ready to see that needle move.

Wednesday January 10th

10:30am EST  //  16:30 CET

Laszlo Gyorffy

In this live Q&A, Laszlo Gyorffy talks about how you can transform raw ideas into meaningful action, and drive #innovation awareness and engagement across your organization. It costs you nothing to join the discussion…so bring on your burning questions!

Thursday January 11th

10:30am EST  //  16:30 CET

Philip Horvath

Create the optimal conditions for sparking REAL cultural change inside your organization. Join us and other changemakers like you for a live Q&A with Phillip Horvath on Jan 16, and learn how to make the shift happen in 2018.

Tuesday January 16th

10:30am EST  //  16:30 CET

Dan Toma

Do your higher-ups need educating about the meaning, relevance and progression of your work? We’re talking metrics, measurements and ROI in this live Q&A with Dan Toma. Join us Jan 17 (it’s free) & learn how to clearly demonstrate the value of what you do, & make 2018 the year they finally ‘get it’.

Wednesday January 17th

10:30am EST  //  16:30 CET

Terry Howerton

These days you have to innovate to survive – and you have to effectively collaborate in order to harness that #innovation. Join us on Jan 23 for a live Q&A with Terry Howerton as we learn how to engage in and leverage external ecosystems.

Tuesday January 23rd

10:30am EST  //  16:30 CET

Tristan Kromer

In this live Q&A, Tristan Kromer shares how applying pressure through metered funding and success metrics can teach large organizations (like yours) to innovate quickly and effectively. Join the discussion on Jan 24 and learn better ways to fund #innovation.

Wednesday January 24th

10:30am EST  //  16:30 CET

Ricardo dos Santos

How should you hire for #innovation? That’s one of the topics Ricardo dos Santos covers in this live (and free) Q&A. Join us Jan 30 to learn how to democratize innovation and embed opportunities within your orgs structure.

Tuesday January 30th

10:30am EST  //  16:30 CET

Rachel Audigé

As intrapreneurs we need to know how to challenge biases to create space for counter-intuitive ideas and real #innovation. In this live Q&A, Rachel Audige busts us out of fixed mindsets and shows us how to systematically ‘unlearn’ so we can #innovate more effectively.

Wednesday January 31st

11:00am CET  //  9:00pm Melbourne time

Frank Mattes

In this live Q&A, Frank Mattes explains how to increase the chances of #innovation success by using a dual structure – ‘exploiting’ for the existing business and ‘exploring’ for the new business. Join us Jan 31, and make real business impact in 2018!

Wednesday January 31st

10:30am EST  //  16:30 CET

Brian Ardinger

How do you turn a creativity sprint – a hackathon, a bootcamp – into a successful addition to a corporate innovation portfolio? Brian Ardinger charts the pathways (and pitfalls) in this live Q&A.

Wednesday February 7th

10:30am EST  //  16:30 CET

Janet Bumpas

In this no-cost, live Q&A, Janet Bumpas outlines what it takes to successfully bring a corporate startup or product through one of its most critical (and vulnerable) phases: the scaling phase.

Wednesday February 14th

10:30am EST  //  16:30 CET

Marc Sniukas

How do we align #innovation with strategy? In this live Q&A on Feb 21, Marc Sniukas shares how companies can move forward with confidence to innovate strategically in a rapidly changing marketplace.

Wednesday February 21st

10:30am EST  //  16:30 CET

Sonja Kresojevic

Are you experimenting at scale? In this live Q&A with Sonja Kresojevic, we’ll unpack the process of embracing experimentation and lean principles of continuous learning and adaptation.

Wednesday February 28th

10:30am EST  //  16:30 CET

Jan Kennedy

HR often gets a bad rap – but they’re crucial for #innovation. In this no-cost, live Q&A, Jan Kennedy shows you how to get HR on board for innovation, develop a pool of highly skilled talent and use resources efficiently.

Thursday March 1st

10:30am EST  //  16:30 CET

Dave Blakely

What’s the best setup for your #innovation program? In this live Q&A, Dave Blakely breaks down the different types of strategies and structures available to the innovation-hungry enterprise.

Tuesday March 6th

10:30am EST  //  16:30 CET

Tendayi Viki

Can you strategically manage a product portfolio just as a VC would manage investments? Tendayi Viki says yes, and in this no-cost, live Q&A he’s going to show you how it’s done. Join us on March 7, and make sure you bring your most burning questions!

Wednesday March 7th

10:30am EST  //  16:30 CET

Andy Cars

It’s ok to fail – as long as you “fail smart.” In this live Q&A, Andy Cars shows you how to take smart risks and reframe failure within your company to build new opportunities for long-term growth.

Wednesday March 14th

10:30am EST  //  16:30 CET

Sugath Warnakulasuriya

In this live Q&A, Sugath Warnakulasuriya offers a simple and clear game plan for setting up and using a portfolio of innovation tools and techniques that make #innovation easier for your org.

Wednesday March 21st

10:30am EST  //  16:30 CET

Vidar Andersen

Should we pivot? That question strikes fear in the hearts of even the most hardened intrapreneurs. In this live Q&A, Vidar Andersen lays out the complexities, risks, timing and implications of pivoting, alongside the 5Ws of getting the pivot to work for you.

Wednesday March 28th

10:30am EST  //  16:30 CET