From the creation of Mastercard to the birth of Java and from Apple's creation to Kodak's demise..

These are the intrapreneurial stories you simply must know, as well as the lessons that can be learned from them, preparing you to ustilize Intrapreneurship as a way to strengthen and transform your organization from within.

The term “intrapreneurship” was coined in 1982 by Gifford Pinchot III when he wrote the book “Intrapreneuring”.

With half of the S&P index being replaced over the next 10 years and companies struggling to attract and retain the necessary talent it is more relevant than ever. 

Famous examples of successful new products such as Post-It Notes at 3M, the Pontiac Fiero at GM and the personal computer at IBM were cited as the result of entrepreneurial endeavours from individuals within the organization.

“Intrapreneurship is the act of behaving like an entrepreneur, but within an established organization” - Gifford Pinchot III

Intrapreneurship is essential for both existing organizations – who want to stay ahead in today’s market – and forward thinking employees – who want to advance their careers through intrapreneurship by developing new solutions to new problems that will bring great value to their organizations.

Through this program you’ll develop a new intrapreneurial skill set including:

  • Understanding the challenges that big corporates face when innovating
  • Assessing what makes startups successful
  • Exploring new business ideas using ideation techniques
  • Learning how to test and validating new business ideas efficiently
  • Positioning an Intrapreneurship initiative ready for sponsorship

Your Expert: Academy for Corporate Entrepreneurship

AfCE is unique in providing intrapraneurs around the world end-to-end support in the innovation process, from ideation and discovery to incubating and piloting new ventures, as well as guiding executives in how to embed corporate innovation support systems and structures.

As of 2018 they’ve been running Intrapreneurship Programs across 19 countries trusted by many international Fortune 500 companies where they provide sustainable and scalable methods.

As CEO at the Academy for Corporate Entrepreneurship (AfCE) Jan Kennedy oversees the design and implementations of various Intrapreneurship Programs covering different stages of the Innovation Process for many Fortune 500 organisations.

He is also a Director at the Founder Institute, the world’s largest mentoring program for early stage entrepreneurs launching over 1,000 companies per year with a 72% survival rate. Jan splits his time between Germany and Malaysia.

What You'll Learn

This self-paced interactive online course is the best way for you to learn everything you need to know about intrapreneurship.

It will encourage yourself or your employees to think about innovative ideas to develop, and more importantly, how to do that successfully.

After completing the course

  • You'll understand the fundamentals of Intrapreneurship, from Ideation to Incubation
  • You'll be able to spread awareness about Intrapreneurship
  • You'll be equipped to start identifying engaged Intrapreneurs
  • And you'll know how to start funnelling new innovative ideas

Through short assessments and reports, you'll be guided through the course from start to finish. And you'll get a certification at the end (will look great at your resume).

The curriculum

  • 1.0 The Fundamentals of Intrapreneurship
    • 1.1 The Origins
    • 1.2 The Rise of Startups
    • 1.3 Innovation in Corporates
  • 2.0 Ideation Phase
    • 2.1 Ideation Methods & Design Thinking
    • 2.2 First Steps to Develop Your Idea
  • 3.0 Discovery (Validation) Phase
    • 3.1 Lean Startup + Experiment Methods
    • 3.2 Tips for Implementing a Discovery Phase
  • 4.0 Incubation
    • 4.1 Incubation Models
    • 4.2 Incubation Experiments
  • 5.0 How to Implement Intrapreneurship
    • 5.1 Implementing & Measuring

The course containts 5 to 7 hours of content, plus bonus materials. Enroll in this program for €400 / US$480 (per person) via the button below.

What Others Say

“In 2017 we launched a global Innovation Fund to support over 28 newly selected innovation teams. AfCE has been instrumental in supporting many of the 28 teams from beginning to end as well as improving our program design!”

- Henning Trill, Head of Global Innovation, Bayer AG

“Since the first Kick Off Workshop our product teams have been impressed with the highly skilled mentoring that enabled them to move so far so quickly. AfCE totally transferred the entrepreneurial mindset!”

- Marlene Wirth, Product Head, Klubshule, Migros

“We have been repeatedly working with AfCE since 2014, relying on their structured curriculum and mentoring to help our high potential teams to quickly validate new initiatives and avoid costly mistakes. They are the true experts at Intrapreneurship”

- Michele Bassir, Group Head Direct & Digital Pure Play, Allianz SE

“At Allstate, we are building a community of 300 Intrapreneurs. We need to make sure the community is exposed to fundamental training about Intrapreneurship, so developing the Intrapreneurship E-Learning Course with AfCE is critical for us. It helps ensure common standards and language to scale the skills as our community grows.”

- Maria Racho Odiamar, Organisational Effectiveness, Allstate Insurance Group

IntrapreneurshipE-Learning Course

Learn the fundamentals of Intrapreneurship
from Ideation to Incubation
(and get certified)

Online, self-paced. For individuals and for teams.

Enroll in this program for €400 / US$480 (per person) via the button below.