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The Innovative Team: Recognizing and Developing Innovators

If you’re building a culture for innovation or simply looking for ways to help your teams collaborate, communicate and build better solutions, this workshop will give you the secret ingredients to get you there:

  • A shared language for innovation
  • A mutual respect for the diversity of ways people engage in problem solving
  • A simple and repeatable process for thinking through the challenges that come with innovation.

Research shows that each of us has thinking preferences for engaging in innovation. With awareness of these preferences, and how they contribute to the innovation process, everyone gets to bring their best game to the table. Which means you get better performance from your teams, and talent better aligned to reaching your goals.

Using the internationally acclaimed FourSight Your Thinking Profile™ this masterclass introduces you to your thinking preferences and offers a glimpse of how we personally and collectively engage in innovation. FourSight gives you a practical way to recognize and develop innovators who know how to collaborate, communicate and build better solutions to the challenges you face.

Janice Francisco

CEO at BridgePoint Effect

Janice Francisco brings clarity to innovation for organizations struggling with their innovation initiatives. She helps clients transform their teams into “innovation champions” who understand the value innovation brings to the organization, and have the skills, eagerness, confidence and creativity to drive results. Janice invented the ThinkUP Innovation Framework, an integrated, agile and repeatable process applied in real work settings to achieve change and sustainable innovation.

As CEO of the Canadian firm BridgePoint Effect, Janice specializes in building innovation cultures in the government, non-profit and private sectors. She speaks internationally on applied creativity and innovation management.