Innov8rs MadridMay 2018

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Bayer Case Study: Super Steroids that Seriously Scale your Intrapreneurship Programs

Jan Kennedy (Academy for Corporate Entrepreneurship) and Henning Trill (Bayer)

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What Kind Of Pioneer Are You? A No-Brainer Way To Check Your Innovation Strategy

Claire Shapiro and Vincent Pirenne (Board of Innovation)

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A Practical Approach to Building a Culture of EveryDay Innovation

Rosemarie Diegnan (Wazoku)

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Excubation – Combining Best-Of-Both-Worlds To Get Innovation Right

Tammo Ganders (Excubate Corporate Startups)

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From 0 to 1: Building Corporate Startups

Leonard Bukenya and Niek Karsmakers (Aim For The Moon)

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Scaling Corporate Ventures: Mission Impossible?

Janet Bumpas (Scale Up Nation)

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Innovation at scale needs a holistic and responsive transformation – Are you ready?

Sonja Kresojevic (Spinnaker)

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Above and Beyond the Accelerator: Effective Corporate-Startup Collaboration

Jess McGahan (LMARKS)

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From Post-it to Prototype in 3 Hours

Fiona Elkins, James Olden, James Carlyle and Aurelia Bruning (Market Gravity)

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Leading Intrapreneurial Change (No Matter Where You Are In The Organizational Hierarchy)

Tirza Hollenhorst and Philip Horváth (LUMAN)

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Stop Making Sense: How Leading Innovation Really Works

David Hicks (A Beautiful Constraint)

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The Innovation Journey – A Game Of Snakes And Ladders’

Laura Turkington (Vodafone Group)

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Who is Really Behind Innovation?

Elsa Varela (Deloitte)

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Seeing The Light – Co-Creation at Philips Lighting

Maarten Pieters (Philips Lighting)

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The Innovative Team: Recognizing and Developing Innovators

Janice Francisco (BridgePoint Effect/FourSight)

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