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Innovation Metrics: Setting Goals, Balancing Spending and Measuring Results

Innovation is notoriously difficult to measure but any activity that significantly impacts investment, staffing, resources and competitiveness needs to be measured. In this tak, Magnus Penker will share what metrics are proving useful in organizations when pure financial metrics don’t work.

What techniques are being used to quantify and score innovation to push forward winners? What types of dashboards are out there and what are they tracking? How best to quantify investment dollars and staff time, leadership and mentoring time? What is coming from internal sources and what is from customers and partners? How much time does it takes to move projects forward? How are people quantifying the number of projects that move from concept to reality in different risk categories, revenues derived, efficiencies and improvements to output?

Magnus Penker

CEO and Founder at Innovation360 Group

Magnus Penker is an internationally-renowned though leader on innovation, artificial intelligence, digitization, and business transformation. He is a speaker in prestigious global forums and events, such as – The Global Peter Drucker Forum, top ranked international business schools, a variety of associations and some of the world’s largest companies.

As a result of these achievements, he has been honored with the Business Worldwide Magazine award as the ‘Most Innovative CEO Sweden 2016’ and ‘Growth Strategy CEO of the Year Sweden 2016’. Additionally, he has launched 10 start-ups as well as acquired, turned around, and sold +30 SMEs all over Europe.

For the past 8 years, Magnus Penker has used his practical and theoretical insights to develop InnoSurvey™, a leading methodology and global innovation database which is used to analysis and to provide advice to companies, business leaders, and scientists around the world. Today, Magnus Penker is the CEO and Founder of the Innovation360 Group, which is headquartered in Stockholm, Sweden and in New York, USA.

Magnus Penker is driven by the recognition that in these turbulent times, we must understand what we are really good at and determine how we can use those capabilities and competencies to create advantages in a globalized market with endless possibilities. The global map is being redrawn at speeds we have not seen before, and historically low interest rates are attracting capital to global digital-risk projects that will further strengthen this movement.

Magnus Penker has a B.Sc. in Computer Science (CTH, Sweden) and an MBA from the Henley Business School, England.

Magnus Penker is currently writing a 5 Volume Series on Business Innovation titled The Complete Guide to Business Innovation: the first volume can be found here