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The Siemens Intrapreneurs Bootcamp: A Perfect Match, AI And People

Christoph and Ilaria drive the Siemens Intrapreneurs Bootcamp initiative, leveraging purpose-driven innovation and people-centric value creation.

The current cohort of the Siemens Intrapreneurs Bootcamp is focusing on Artificial Intelligence.

The disruptive character of Artificial Intelligence and the spirit of people centric Intrapreneurship are a perfect match.

The Siemens Intrapreneurs Bootcamp makes real what matters to Siemens and its employees bringing purpose-driven innovation into the markets.

The talk will cover the journey of running the Intrapreneurs Bootcamp in a large corporation and their lessons learned.

Christoph Krois

Senior Innovation Manager at Siemens Corporate Technology

Ilaria Cagni Carrara

University Relations at Siemens AG

Christoph Krois is a Senior Innovation Manager at Siemens Corporate Technology responsible for the Open Innovation program and the Intrapreneurs Bootcamp program. With a background of electrical engineering and an MBA from TU Munich he has collected broad experience through different positions from R&D to business responsibility in various industries like telecommunications, chemicals and food. Amongst those, he worked for four years as a Senior Innovation Consultant where he found his purpose: to drive (open) innovation as intrapreneur and to support his intrapreneurial peers to make their endeavors successful.

Ilaria Carrara Cagni is passionate about creating impact via open innovation with students, Siemens researchers, University Professors and Intrapreneurs. As a Driver of the Siemens Intrapreneurs Bootcamp initiative Ilaria experienced the perfect match between Intrapreneurship and disruptive technologies such as Artificial Intelligence. Ilaria has lived in 6 countries, originally from Italy, she is now based in Germany with her husband and three kids. Her purpose is to drive the cultural shift and create impact via authentic intercultural communication, a topic which she teaches at three German universities.