Our Approach

Great people, great content- that’s our mantra for hosting our conferences and events. Actually, this was feedback from a past participant which made crystal clear for us why we do what we do. And ever since, we’ve used that feedback to describe our approach.

We want you to meet cool folks, doing amazing work just like you- new friends you can reach out to once back in the office. More than being just another conference, we put highest value on the community of peers you meet.

Also, we put our best efforts in creating a highly engaging and impactful learning experience, with the best experts and practitioners on stage, and including a high degree of diversity in topics, perspectives and formats, to get you thinking, doing, experimenting, reflecting and sharing – not just listening.

Our mission

Since the start back in 2011, our model has been to create a space for intrapreneurship; to curate the best stories, ideas and people in this emerging field.

We host events in locations all around the globe, offering corporate innovators insights in what’s working now, and access to a tribe of entrepreneurial leaders they don’t find at their own organizations.

Let's talk!

Want to send your team to a next event? Keen on working together? Interested in joining the team?

Just leave us a note or start a chat via the blue button and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible. Or email, hans@innov8rs.co