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Resourceful Innovation – Mrinalini D’Costa & Bernhard Hobel

Learning Lab (90 min)

17 June 2020
10am EDT - 16:00 CEST - 22:00 SGT

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Sometimes you only have what you have, and that is enough- because you can harness untapped potential of your resources to reinvent your future!

Especially in these times, it’s important to learn to innovate:
– Within resources available to you
– By applying systematic creativity tools
– By breaking away from fixedness, use the
problem as the solution

In the workshop you will learn repeatable methods used by mankind intuitively for ages to create new ideas and solutions.

Practice doing the absurd, use principles of simplicity, frugality, using contradictions and more..!

Mrinalini D’Costa & Bernhard Hobel

Innovation Catalysts at R.A.T. Lab

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Be Less Zombie: How Great Companies Turn On an Innovation Culture at Scale – Elvin Turner

Trending Topic Talk / Q&A (60 min)

18 June 2020
10am EDT - 16:00 CEST - 22:00 SGT

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Elvin Turner will share the findings of his 10-year research journey to writing “Be Less Zombie: How great companies create dynamic innovation, fearless leadership and passionate people.”

Elvin’s session will share a wide range of practical tools and lessons covering topics including:

· Why a one-size-fits-all culture rarely works for innovation, and what to do about it

· Why every company needs a ‘rehearsal space’

· How to reduce the stakes and fear around breakthrough innovation

· How to take a ‘punch’ – bouncing back from failure

· How to help leaders embrace bolder risk-taking

· How to remove the major energy drainers from the innovation process

Elvin Turner

Strategy & Innovation Avisor

Elvin Turner is an award-winning innovation expert and associate professor of innovation, entrepreneurship and marketing for MBA and executive education programmes.

His clients include some of the world’s most innovative organisations in the finance, technology, music, drinks and publishing industries.

He has coached hundreds of corporate innovation initiatives around the world, helping leaders and managers overcome the many barriers that they face when trying to turn new ideas into action.

His experience extends from working with new and disruptive technology start-ups, through to seasoned leadership teams inside conservative, global institutions.

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Innovation Post-Covid: What Does the New Normal Look Like – Panel with Andreas Würfel (Director US Partnerships at Metro), Karen O’Leonard (Global Head of Innovation at Willis Towers Watson) and Niel Gomes (Chief Digital Officer at Thomas Jefferson University and Jefferson Health), moderated by Josh Cohen (GIANT Innovation)

Panel / Q&A (60 min)

25 June 2020
10am EDT - 16:00 CEST - 22:00 SGT

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Since the beginning of the Covid crisis, changes to the world of innovation have taken place that would have been virtually unforeseeable just a few months prior. On the negative side, companies and their innovation programs have had to adapt to an economic crisis that has drastically reduced budgets across the board.

On the positive side, companies have shown themselves to be more fluid than ever, working under adverse conditions and bringing new products to market faster than ever before. This raises the question: what does the future of innovation look like? Is there a new paradigm or do the old rules still apply?


Joshua Cohen is the Managing Partner at GIANT Innovation where he works with large organizations all over the world on enabling them to build the skill sets and processes they need to become more nimble, agile, and creative.


Andreas Wuerfel manages U.S. Strategic Partnerships at METRO Group, where he spent the last 3 years establishing the company’s U.S. insights and business development practice. Intimately familiar with both U.S. and Europe digital innovation playbooks, Andreas co-built METRO’s startup innovation programs. It’s accelerator alone graduated 90+ companies from 18 countries helping to raise $265M+ in startup funding.

Karen O’Leonard is the Head of Innovation for Willis Towers Watson. She previously spent over 2 decades in new product development roles at Apple, Sun Microsystems, and a startup she helped get off the ground before it was acquired by Deloitte.

Neil Gomes leads a $5.2 billion organization and associated industries to transform digitally by designing, developing, and implementing consumer-oriented, value-driven digital and real-world solutions that precipitate growth, develop competitive advantage, and define the future.

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Creating a Community of Intrapreneurs: How a Leadership Development Program is Transforming the Cable Industry – Janice Silver & Robyn Bolton

Trending Topic Talk / Q&A (60 min)

30 June 2020
10am EDT - 16:00 CEST - 22:00 SGT

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In less than 3 years, the Intrapreneurship Academy has developed over 100 intrapreneurs across dozens of companies in the cable industry, creating the potential for $100M+ in new value.

This is the story of how The Cable Center, a non-profit educational organization, designed, developed, and rolled out what is now a gold-standard innovation leadership development program.

Janice Silver, VP of Marketing and Programs at the Cable Center, and Robyn Bolton, Founder and Chief Navigator at MileZero, will walk you through how the program was started, lessons learned over the course of 7 cohorts, and share 3 key insights that can make or break innovation programs.

Janice Silver

As vice president of programs and marketing, Janice leads program management and marketing for The Cable Center’s mission-based programs (IA, Cable Hall of Fame, C5, and Mavericks lectures), as well as events. Her primary focus over the last three years has been the development and growth of the Intrapreneurship Academy, a leadership development program that cultivates intrapreneurial skills for industry rising leaders. IA has just kicked off its 8th IA cohort and will have graduated more than 125 intrapreneurs by the end of 2020.

Over the 30+ years of her career, Janice has held marketing and sales management leadership positions within corporate, non-profit and tech start-up environments. Janice’s early career was in the telecommunications industry, working at AT&T and MCI Telecommunications.

Robyn Bolton

Robyn Bolton is the Founder and Chief Navigator of MileZero, an innovation consulting firm dedicated to helping executives use innovation to unlock their organization’s potential, get real results, and create a map for lasting success. She has worked with innovators at a wide variety of organizations, including Medtronic, Nike, and Teachers Pay Teachers.

Previously, she was a Partner at Innosight, the growth strategy firm founded by Harvard Professor Clayton Christensen. She started her career as an Intrapreneur at P&G where she led the North American launch of Swiffer, global development and launch of Swiffer WetJet, and strategy and marketing for P&G’s $2B Household Needs portfolio at WalMart.

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