This is a session at Innov8rs Miami, 20- 21 February 2019

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Exponential Organizations

Your organization has to do two things in order to drive successful innovation: 1) Come up with breakthrough ideas and 2) Change the way you do things. The biggest barrier is usually that your corporate immune system will kill innovation before it has the chance to succeed.

This means that your job as a corporate innovator is at least as much about culture change as it is about the latest technologies.

Mike will lead a lively conversation based on key learnings from helping Global 5000 companies with digital transformation and breakthrough innovation. Topics will include how to:

  1. Make your organization more adaptable (even in legacy companies)
  2. Build exponential organizations on the edge
  3. Leverage the collective brainpower of your company’s best and brightest future leaders
  4. Harness emerging technologies to unlock new business models
  5. And avoid being disrupted in the process.
Mike Lingle

Chief Growth Officer and Crypto Lead at ExO Works

Mike is an experienced executive focused on helping global organizations achieve digital transformation by leveraging exponential technologies and disruptive innovation—based on everything he’s learned as a serial entrepreneur, former software developer, and mentor running accelerator programs for startups. He has decades of experience in B2B sales to Global 5000 companies and he co-founded, a SaaS-based platform for sales and marketing presentations that was acquired by VMWare in 2011.

Mike started his career as a software developer, where he learned to solve pretty much any problem with technology by creating custom experiences for companies including IBM, Pfizer, and the Discovery Channel. Since then, Mike has worked with both startups and enterprises—helping them harness emerging technologies and the abundance they create in order to grow quickly and outcompete other players. He was Managing Partner at Rokk3r 10xU and previously ran the Venture Hive accelerator program in Miami. In both roles he mentored a wide range of innovators—from startup founders to corporate executives—on how to unlock disruptive business models to build high-growth companies.

Mike is an accomplished speaker, educator, thought leader, and certified ExO coach. Mike recently participated in creating the winning idea for the Miami Mobility Fastrack, and is working to dramatically reduce traffic using big data, machine learning, and gamification—without building any new infrastructure.