This is a session at Innov8rs Miami, 20- 21 February 2019

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External Innovation: How Working With Startups Can Unleash Intrapreneurs

Intrapreneurs are often tasked with a difficult task: disrupt multiple aspects of their industry from within the confines of the corporate world. However, there is another path – working with outside startups. By partnering with startups, intrapreneurs are able to gain access to cutting edge ideas and rapid execution. Of course, there are a number of pitfalls which hinder these partnerships from the start. Neil Soni, Author of The Startup Gold Mine, will walk you through how to develop an external innovation strategy to unblock critical innovation challenges while avoiding the difficulties which derail these efforts before they get off the ground.

Neil Soni

Neil Soni has built, grown, and created new ventures – both within the world’s largest brands and as an independent entrepreneur. Neil is currently the Founder & CEO of Unlimited Brewing Company, the world’s first platform for customizing and personalizing beer. He also runs a growth and innovation consulting practice, which helps startups and Fortune 500 companies partner and invest in cross-industry technology and commercial opportunities. Neil is the author of The Startup Gold Mine: How to Tap the Hidden Innovation Agendas of Large Companies to Fund and Grow Your Business.

Before starting his consulting practice and Unlimited Brewing Company, Neil led the growth team at, a social marketplace for early education with over 3 million users. Prior to MomTrusted, Neil founded CollegeZen, a social platform for high school students, peer mentors, and colleges. This effort caught the attention of The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, which named CollegeZen one of the worldwide winners of the College Knowledge Challenge. Neil was named a Finalist for Entrepreneur Magazine’s College Entrepreneur of the Year award for his work at CollegeZen.

Neil works with a variety of groups in the innovation ecosystem, including startups, venture funds, accelerators, and large brands. He is a graduate of Carnegie Mellon University’s Chemical Engineering program.