This is a session at Innov8rs Miami, 20 – 21 February 2019

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Intellectual Property & Innovation: Patent Strategy In The Modern Landscape

Innovation and entrepreneurship drive a competitive edge in the U.S. economy, and companies often rely on intellectual property (IP) to establish ownership over their creations, inventions, and brands. Today, however, knowing the right IP strategy can be a challenge, as innovations involve rapidly evolving computer or data science driven concepts, and more “trolls” and fewer inventors make returns off new ideas. In this talk, Anna will present Walmart’s path to understanding the internal and external forces that shape the IP landscape, and questions like: from a business standpoint, who should be concerned about IP? What role does IP play in innovation? How can IP be leveraged to extract maximum value from a company technology, and what is a good corporate IP strategy?

Anna Jarman

Senior Program Manager at Walmart Technology

Anna Jarman is a senior program manager for Walmart Technology, the engineering, data and design arm of Walmart and where associates power the future of retail. Her role is primarily managing the commercialization of Walmart’s patent portfolio and looks for ways to enhance internal product development through external collaboration.  Prior to joining Walmart, Anna was an associate for Shell Ventures, the corporate venture capital arm of Royal Dutch Shell, and worked on investments across sectors including software, analytics, mobility, and new energies. In addition to corporate America, Anna spent several years working in research, public policy, and software development, most recently a science and legal policy think tank at the Baylor College of Medicine, headed by neuroscientist and entrepreneur David Eagleman.  Anna has a MS in Analytics and a BA from Rice University.