This is a session at Innov8rs Miami, 20- 21 February 2019

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The Alchemy of Transformation Success

At Pearson, Gabe has been spearheading efforts to change the way they engage internal and external stakeholders, at the intersection of digital transformation, professional development, and customer success. While there’s a tremendous amount of detail that needs to be accounted for when building out strategies and tactics to move this project along, he has learnt that the most critical considerations are related to often overlooked challenges.

As such, any transformation journey is first and foremost a learning journey. The same way exceptional coaches can unlock hidden potential in their athletes by motivating cooperation support of team goals, business leaders need to understand the many ingredients associated with the alchemy of transformational success. Gabe will share his experiences – the good, the bad and the ugly- so far.

Gabe Vehovsky

VP Learning Innovation at Pearson

Accomplished executive passionate about innovation-driven growth pursued through thoughtful business development efforts, creative product development, strategic alliances, and refined go-to-market strategies.

In his current role as VP of Learning Innovation at Pearson, he is working to reimagine the way they inspire their customers to continually learn as they traverse the customer journey associated with their products and services. Prior to this role, Gabe was fortunate to have diverse professional experiences that include helping lead the successful exit of a startup, operating as an executive at a large publically traded company, orchestrating the divestiture of a business unit from an established public company that he eventually stood up as a standalone, venture-backed business that he led as the Founder, CEO and Board Member.