This is a session at Innov8rs Miami, 20 – 21 February 2019

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The Incumbent's Dilemma

Every business faces existential threats from market forces, new competitors, automation, and workforce challenges. It is the agile companies that will be the ones to survive and thrive in the face of these threats. With these high stakes, businesses must adapt and react to the changing wants and needs of the marketplace, which can mean the difference between success and failure.

A great way to future-proof your product or strategy is to test assumptions — or not make them in the first place. Organizations are utilizing new tools that are bringing them on-demand objective insights so they can experiment, test, learn and foster true innovation.

Thor will lead this engaging session to show attendees how to implement a culture of experimentation and testing that can radically change a company’s fortune.

Thor Ernstsson

Co-Founder & CEO at Alpha

Thor Ernstsson is the founder and CEO of Alpha, the on-demand insights platform enabling teams to make data-driven decisions about users, products, and new markets. With more than 17 years of experience leading the building and testing of digital products, Thor has a passion for understanding and effecting behavior change.