This is a session at Innov8rs Miami, 20 – 21 February 2019

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Who Is Driving Your Innovation Bus?

What innovation model does your company utilize? Are your innovations sales driven, technology driven, market driven or unclear? Does your organization deliver ideas that only slightly move the needle or do they focus solely on the big idea? Many companies have an internal culture and processes that drive the genesis of ideas utilized to innovate. This session will provide practical methods on how to transform your organization’s culture and processes to leverage the best of all innovation models to drive both incremental and disruptive ideas to market.

Bill Ott

Vice President of Global Engineering at Q’Straint

Bill is passionate about developing a culture and process for new product innovation. He has leveraged his 30 years of broad global experience in Fortune 100, private and start-up environments to develop a successful formula for linking VoC, systems engineering and lean methodologies to transform organizations to deliver disruptive innovation. He has been highly effective in deploying these methodologies down and across organizations to create a culture comfortable with continuous reinvention. He is currently Vice President of Global Engineering at Q’Straint driving new product development to better the safety of persons with reduced mobility.