This is a session at Innov8rs New York, 1 August 2019

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Design Thinking Mindset: A Misfit in a Corporate Ethos

Rather than looking at Design Thinking as just an Innovation Process, Adam will highlight how Design Thinking resurfaces corporate assumptions, innovation barriers, rigidity, and other innovation blockers. Companies often decide to start practicing Design Thinking as an answer to everyone else doing it. They feel this ‘secret’ weapon will finally make sense of their convoluted innovation efforts. They are right; it does.

But simultaneously, it presents the areas and reasons for internal change that, when embraced, may become a catalyst for shifts that redefine the past. The problem is that many look at Design Thinking as solely an outward force while ignoring the internal effects of embracing Design Thinking mindset.

Join us in this controversial and interactive session to see how the corporate monolith resists the internal effects of Design Thinking and what you can do about it.

Adam Radziszewski

Director of Innovation Services & Design Thinking at Oracle

Adam is a dynamic, results-driven innovation leader with extensive experience in enterprise innovation practice building and fostering creative and collaborative organizational cultures.
He is a Design Thinking and Creativity coach, a practitioner of Behavioral Economics and Experimental Design, a product development lead and delivers Innovation and Design Thinking workshops globally.

As part of his role at Oracle and his innovation consulting firm (, Adam has been leading the growth of the Design Thinking and Innovation Strategy across a diverse market of industry leaders in Technology, Insurance, Education, Pharmaceutical and Beauty.
Adam combines Business Model Canvas, Blue Ocean Strategy, Ten Types of Innovation with Design Thinking to bridge creativity & human-centricity with traditional enterprise cultures.